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Do you want to lose a lot of sleep tonight???

If you would like to lie awake wondering why we didn't do something back then, I recommend you read Jimmy Carter's speech on US energy dependence delivered in 1977 -- that's 1977, as in 33 years ago.

Should we congratulate Bob McDonnell . . .

. . . on being named Regent University Alumnus of the Year?

From the WashPost:

The governor's office didn't announce this award, but Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) doesn't seem to be running away from it either.

Regent University, the Virginia Beach school founded by the controversial religious broadcaster Pat Robertson, named McDonnell its "alumnus of the year."

Regent announced the award during last weekend's graduation ceremony, though the governor received the award during a campus visit April 13.

"Bob's dedication to serving the citizens of Virginia has been evident for years, and his election as governor is an outstanding example of Regent's motto of Christian Leadership to Change the World," Robertson said in a press release. "We're proud of all that Bob has accomplished and delighted to bestow this honor upon him."

I don't know whether to congratulate him or to . . . to . . . AAAAHHHHGAG -- OOOPS!! Too late -- I did the other thing --- bring a mop!!!

Well – – – it’s official . . .

Yep, it's official:  Catherine Crabill, Tea Bagger extraordinaire and certified loon, is on the VA-01 Republican primary election ballot, opposing incumbent Rob Wittman.

The Old Redneck has heard suggestions that VA-01 Democrats should vote for her in the Republican primary just to see what happens.  Not that I'd do anything like that.

Jerry Falwell, Jr., coup attempt in Lynchburg FAILS

Liberty University's efforts to take over the Lynchburg, VA, City Council by electing Republicans to three open seats FAILED BADLY -- in spite of months spent registering students and alumni, holding a special convocation to pray for victory, cancelling classes so students could vote, and, using the University emergency email system to remind students to vote.

Actually, "badly" doesn't describe the total annihilation of the Liberty University attempted coup.

On election day (4 May) LU held a  special Election Day convocation where Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. and VA General Assembly Delegate Scott Garrett, R-Lynchburg, urged the students to vote. Classes were cancelled  until 2 p.m. and the University sent out e-mails and texts through its emergency alert system reminding students to vote.

In spite of all this, not one of the three LU candidates won a seat on the Lynchburg City Council.  The winners were Mayor Joan Foster, Interim Councilman Randy Nelson, and Hunsdon Cary.

Lynchburg City Council's balance remains virtually unchanged after voters picked Joan Foster, Randy Nelson and Hunsdon "H." Cary as their next at-large council members Tuesday.

City voters collectively split the ticket on their ballots, picking one candidate from the Republican slate and two independent candidates endorsed by groups such as Lynchburg First and the Lynchburg Democratic Committee.

. . .

Lynchburg Republicans ran a full slate of council candidates in this election for the first time in 12 years. They had hoped to make a clean sweep of the three seats up for grabs and change the philosophical makeup of council.

Several party affiliates said they felt Brent Robertson, a Liberty University student who referred to himself as a Republican after first running as an independent, had been a spoiler for the Republican nominees.

Hmmmm.  Maybe Jr. needs to pray harder??  You think??

Ken Kookynelli demands UVA turn over papers of noted climate scientist

Cooch is at it again -- spending taxpayers' money on another wild goose chase -- and the "base" will just eat it up.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has demanded that the University of Virginia turn over documents related to a former UVa climatology professor at the center of the so-called "climategate" scandal.

Cuccinelli, a Republican from Fairfax County, is challenging in court the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions as a contributor to climate change.

On April 23, Cuccinelli sent a "civil investigative demand" to UVa seeking documents related to the work of Michael Mann, a researcher who worked at UVa between 1999 and 2005 and is now at Penn State.

I'm not an attorney and have no idea what a "civil investigative demand" is -- but -- could UVA tell Cooch to GFY?

Mormon to speak at Jerry Falwell University

Back in 2007, students at Pat Robertson's Regent University were outraged and protested mightily when Mitt Romney, a Mormon, was invited to deliver the commencement address.

I wonder if we will see similar protests from students at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University now that it has been announced that Glenn Beck, ALSO A MORMON, will be speaking at their graduation ceremony next month?

I think we know the answer.

Catherine Crabill has enough signatures to get on the Republican primary ballot against Rob...

I saw this on the Northern Neck News online site:

Friday, Catherine Crabill of Lancaster County, filed the required number of signatures with Republican First District Chairman Tom Foley to be listed as a candidate for the party's congressional nomination in its June 8 primary.


Kookinelly to share stage with faith healer

I knew Ken Kookinelly wanted to repeal and replace health insurance reform but I didn't know he wanted to replace health insurance with faith healing!!!
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