Monday, April 19, 2021
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Westboro Baptist Church bringing hate message to Woodbridge, VA

"Reverend" Fred Phelps and his small group of hate-mongers are planning two demonstrations in Woodbridge, VA, on Monday, 15 November.

What’s the problem???

"Rev" Fred Phelps is bringing his protest to Woodbridge, VA, High School on Monday morning, 15 November.

I have been trying for the past half-hour to post this diary with a quote from a local news report describing the planned demonstration but something in the Blue Virginia software will not let me post because it claims I and not being nice.

Here's the news report.  Read it for yourself.

Can Rick Boucher lose VA-09??

Here are the results of the latest Survey-USA polling in VA-09:

Republicans Make Their Move in Virginia's 9th District; GOP's Griffith Pulls Even with 15-Term Incumbent Democrat Boucher: A dramatic reversal of fortune in Virginia's 9th Congressional District, where Republican challenger Morgan Griffith appears to have awoken after 3 months of polling at 40% and today, 7 days until votes are counted, vaults into a tie with incumbent Democrat Rick Boucher, who had been sailing to a 16th term.

In a SurveyUSA polling conducted exclusively for WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, it's Griffith 47%, Boucher 46%, within the survey's theoretical margin of sampling error. Griffith's lead may or may not be statistically significant; the contest should be reported as even.

I understand that Griffith at 47 % with Boucher at 46 % is a statistical tie, however, when was the last time anyone but a GOP sacrificial lamb made a run at Rick Boucher?  

Anyone from VA-09 know what's happening?  Losing VA-09 would NOT be good.

Is Eric Cantor in trouble??

Daily Kos is carrying a diary suggesting that Cantor may be in trouble.  The diary quotes what is alleged to be a press release from Rick Waugh's campaign, but does not provide a link to the release and I can't find the release on Waugh's website.

Sen. Jim Demented re-writes the Constitution to say he and he alone decides on...

Sen. Jim DeMint (Asshole-SC) has announced that he and he alone will decide what bills will be voted on by the Senate:

Sen. Jim DeMint warned his colleagues Monday night that he would place a hold on all legislation that has not been "hot-lined" by the chamber or has not been cleared by his office before the close of business Tuesday. Although the South Carolina Republican has objected for years to the hot-lining of legislation until his staff at the Republican Steering Committee has reviewed it, DeMint's threat to essentially shut down legislation in the chamber is remarkable. [...]

[I]n a terse e-mail sent to all 100 Senate chiefs of staff Monday evening, Steering Committee Chief of Staff Bret Bernhardt warned that DeMint would place a hold on any legislation that had not been hot-lined or been cleared by his office before the close of business Tuesday. [...]

Democratic and Republican aides alike were stunned, arguing that DeMint had essentially made a unilateral decision to end legislative activity in the Senate.

"Hot-lining" is a process by which the two Senate leaders poll their caucuses to see if anyone objects to passing a bill. If no one raises an objection, than the bill is fast-tracked for passage. DeMint apparently plans to honor his existing promises to allow legislation to be hot-lined, but he has told the entire Senate that they have until close of business today to get his approval for other legislation or else he will block that bill - even if it enjoys overwhelming support.

DeMint can get away with this stunt because the Senate's rules are ripe for abuse. Unless all 100 senators agree to begin and end debate on a bill without objection, the dissenting senators can force up to 60 hours of uninterrupted debate before a final vote can take place.  Thus, a small number of senators can grind the Senate to a near-complete halt.

As of last August, 372 bills had passed the House, many of them unanimously, but have yet to receive a vote in the Senate.  At 60 hours per bill, it would require over two and a half years to vote on these bills, and that's assuming the Senate works around the clock and on weekdays, weekends and holidays. In other words, there is simply not enough time to get more than a fraction of the Senate's business done if a minority is determined to do everything they can to block progress.

DeMint's decision to force his colleagues to seek his personal approval before he will allow a vote to take place is a new escalation in the right's already-unprecedented game of obstruction. Filibusters and holds happen - and they happen a whole lot more now than they used to - but placing a hold on every single pending bill shows unmistakably that the GOP has no interest in governing.  

GOP Vision for America: WHITE-ONLY

As was pointed out in another Blue Virginia diary entry, the GOP released on Thursday their "Pledge to Screw Over America."  The release was made behind a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire, in an empty parking lot in Sterling, VA.

The best part, however, is the "Pledge" itself.

Printed on slick paper with full-color photos illustrating real Americans -- and you don't have to read it to figure out what the GOP is all about.  Just look at the photos that fill the "Pledge" booklet.


VA-01 Wittman push poll — anyone seen it??

The Old Redneck heard yesterday that the Rob Wittman campaign mailed (or phoned ?) a push poll throughout VA-01 on which one of the questions about Democratic candidate Krystal Ball was something like:  "Did you know that Krystal Ball has an unusual affinity for homosexuals and lesbians?"

Supposedly the sponsor of the poll was anonymous.

Anyone seen or heard the details??


Cuccinelli takes first steps to shutting down abortion providers in VA

Don't have the details but here are the highlights from WaPost blog.  Ken Kookynelly has taken the first steps toward shutting down abortion providers in VA.

Challenge to Kookynelly

Here's my challenge to Ken Kookynelly:  Stop me and ask for my papers, fool.

McDonnell’s transportation plan vanishes into thin air

A Sunday WaPost editorial laid waste to Gov. McDonnell's (lack of a) transportation plan to solve Virginia's $20 billion transportation problem.

Here's the central paragraph from the Post editorial and here's a link to the editorial.  Makes good reading -- spread it around.

As it is, a quick glance at Mr. McDonnell's menu of proposed funding sources for transportation is a useful reminder that his plan -- showcased to great effect during last fall's gubernatorial campaign -- is a non-starter. Begin with the $177 million annually that Mr. McDonnell (R) said would materialize in the form of revenue and taxes from offshore oil and gas drilling. President Obama has canceled those drilling rights. Even before that, chances that oil and revenue would flow anytime soon, or that Congress would allow Virginia to skim off royalties, were slim. Similarly, the $236 million annually that Mr. McDonnell said he would conjure from state revenue growth and from budget surpluses (remember those?), is nothing more than a pleasant daydream. Current and forecast sums from those sources is $0.00.
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