Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Stunningly On-Point Video About the Foreign Policy Stakes

There is nothing I can say today that could come close to this DNC video, "Solemn Responsibility," addressing  the solemn responsibility of the presidency...

The Republican National Convention’s Legacy of Falsehood: Part 1

The outrageous fabrications at the GOP convention about Hillary Clinton, including the drumbeat to "lock her up," make a response necessary. I will address...

Empty Suit Gov. Pat McCrory Pretends to Fix the HB2 Mess

After slinging false accusations at opponents of HB2, today NC Governor, Pat McCrory tried to pretend-walk-back his signature on HB2, the ill-conceived and unconstitutional...

Intended Consequences: If it can happen in North Carolina, it can happen in Virginia!

Elections have consequences. In NC, they have had profound consequences. We are now relegated to serve as a cautionary tale for our neighbor states....

It Can’t Happen Here? NC Legislature, Gov Move Against People Who Are LGBT

By KathyinBlacksburg Behold the governor of (some of) North Carolina's citizens. For others, both he and the NC General Assembly (GA) have a message: "welcome...

My Two Cents: #Humphrey #Mondale #Gore #Kerry #Clinton2008

There are few artificial constructs as specious, manipulative and deceptive as the ever-present BS term "electability." It was pitched in 1968, yet the "electable"...

My Two Cents: Bacon’s Rebellion Blog, Its Sponsor (Dominion Power) and the Rising GOP...

By KathyinBlacksburg If there is anything constant about the extant GOP, it's that things heretofore never considered acceptable, appropriate or decent are now a daily...

More Idiocy from NC Repubilcans: Donald Trump Edition

by Kathy in Blacksburg We were returning from a rousing noon-time symphony and a fantastic lunch with friends in Raleigh last Friday when my cell...

How Not to Run Direct Mail Campaigns: The Shakedown of the Little Guy

By KathyinBlacksburg Everyone knows by now that little guys, like most of us, are small fish. Big donors pretty much flood the donation ...

Resources to Help You Rebut Your GOP Friends about the Gowdy Kangaroo Court Hearings

by KathyinBlacksburg It's Kangaroo Court Day in Washington. Seven investigations have revealed that Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong. But the GOP and the corporate media...
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