Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Stop the Cuccinsanity!

All of Virginia - and much of the country - now knows that we have elected, not a conservative, but a radical to be our Attorney General.  It is already clear that Ken Cuccinelli does not have a mainstream, sensible, moderate bone in his body.  No, this man is determined to twist our government into a tool to realize the most extreme right-wing fantasies that only the looniest Tea Partier could ever dream up.  After only two months in office, General Cooch has:

- Attacked the integrity of science and the necessity of environmental action by legally challenging the US EPA's finding that climate change represents a threat to human health;
- Attempted to reverse decades of American progress against discrimination by threatening Virginia colleges and universities that they have no right to enact policies of anti-discrimination against gays;
- Challenged the power of the Federal government to make our health care system work for people rather than insurance companies, by suing the Obama administration over the constitionality of the just-signed health care reform act.

There's no question that this guy is nuts and will do all he can to make Virginia the laughing stock of the world.  The only question left for me is:  HOW DO WE FIGHT HIM.

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