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McAuliffe Visits Roanoke

Terry McAuliffe was in Roanoke yesterday, where he spoke at a luncheon for about 50 Democratic women.

McAuliffe, sounding indeed like a candidate for state-wide office in 2013, recapped his efforts to bring jobs to Virginia, through the possible purchase of the closed International Paper plant in Franklin VA with its conversion to a biomass  energy plant. He also heads a corporation called GreenTech, which hopes to build electric and hybrid vehicles.

As he usually does, Terry had plenty of political information for his audience.

T-Mac Talks Green Jobs, Predicts Dem’s Keep Congress in ’10 and...

Former (and probably future) Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe talks green jobs and also gives his forecast for the 2010 and 2012 elections.  According to T-Mac, Democrats are likely to hold both the House and Senate, despite losing perhaps 5-6 seats in the Senate 20-34 seats in the House.  Also, T-Mac predicts "nobody is going to touch Barack Obama in 2012," mocking the potential Republican candidates (Palin? Pawlenty? Romney?) by saying "you can't beat someone with nobody." I sure hope T-Mac is right, although I also remember him predicting that Hillary Clinton would be president in 2008 and, of course, that he'd be governor of Virginia in 2009. :) So, we'll see...

Is McAuliffe the Shadow Governor?

Some mornings when you hear the news you think how impressive it is that Governor McAuliffe implemented his business plan for Virginia. Then you remember that Taliban Bob won and realize his accomplishments are something old, something borrowed, something blue, but nothing he can claim as his own for true.

Now the Richmond Times Dispatch is running a series on climate change. You may be certain that McDonnell will act. Down the list, issues or initiatives that were stolen or shunned or both by the Republicans have been claimed as discovered by the GOP. McDonnell has embraced the Virginia Coastal Energy Consortium with renewed vigor, proposed credits for film production in Virginia, directed the acquisition of electric vehicles for the state vehicle fleet, ad nauseam.

When it was time for personal attention and action, it was McAuliffe at the soon to be shuttered paper mill in Franklin offering an alternative or two. McDonnell's reaction was that McAuliffe has lots of ideas. Apparently those are the only ideas that McDonnell can seize upon. Really, his team with Malek at the lead...never been done, no one has ever thought of paring the "fat" of government...really. Virginia is among the states with the lowest per capita tax burdens. The only development that will come out of this administration will be a fiscal shell game that will cut essential services to the quick and deliver no savings.

But here we are with McDonnell, his dutiful bridesmaid Lieutenant Governor, and Super Cooch, whose staff either doesn't know McDonnell has moved on or can't find the keys to the AG web pages. Why the silence? Maybe because the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) is afraid of its shadow. The same leadership that was scared to run on Democratic positions last year is now too timid to call out McDonnell and his administration for the lack of initiative and innovation and to challenge bad ideas. Not to mention harping on McDonnell's absence from the state.

No, the only specter is the DPVA.

Who’s Positioned for Democratic State Runs in 2013?

I suppose it's never too soon to begin to speculate on exactly which Democrats might by getting a case of "Richmond Fever" for 2013. (Otherwise, we can only sit around and watch Bob McDonnell fiddle in the governor's mansion while Ken Cuccinelli marches his army of troglodytes to the edge of his flat earth in order to stage another foot-stamping anger fit with a lawsuit attached.)

It's hardly a secret that Terry McAuliffe is busy following in the footsteps of Mark Warner by working to bring jobs to areas of Virginia that need all the assistance they can get, in a scarcely disguised bid for a gubernatorial nomination. Recently,  McAuliffe announced that his green car company, Greentech Automotive, had purchased EuAuto Technology Ltd., a company that makes and distributes electric cars. Additionally, McAuliffe still has a bid alive to purchase the now-closed International Paper plant in Isle of Wight County and convert it to a biomass energy plant. Result? Jobs, jobs, jobs...and, if successful, a nomination.

Then, we can't ignore how Del. Ward Armstrong has been acting of late. He has visited three Democratic events in Fairfax and Loudoun counties, plus making himself seen at a couple of congressional district conventions. He's acting like an early gubernatorial candidate.

(I have to say something at this point. After 2009, I personally don't want to see the Virginia Democratic party nominate another rural (Henry County), anti-abortion, gun-toting, health reform criticizing guy for governor. I hope we learned something from last year. If not, then the DPVA is hopeless.)

Chicken Hawks and Chicken Littles Converge

The fusion of entertainment and information meets the no spin zone in Norfolk tonight. The residual chicken sh*t will not be the kind Terry McAuliffe champions. It is all about fertilizing an audience; an audience that pads the entertainers' pockets by buying their schtick, their sponsors' products, and their memorabilia.

This is a rescheduled Bold and Fresh Tour appearance. The first cancelled by a January blizzard that shut down Hampton Roads and continues to serve as a superficial proof source for the counter-climate change mob. These are the same science challenged minions who buy the "non-hybrid seeds, stored above the Arctic Circle" that Beck proffers.

Beck and O'Reilly saw an opportunity to double down on the local market for unsupported and base assertions by offering a 3PM matinee appearance today. They claimed the evening show was "sold out." The good news is that there was no market for the additional show. Beck vigorously worked to hype the appearance to no avail, despite oodles of money spent on local advertising (a drop in the bucket for Beck but a windfall for local radio). They tried arranging appearances on local talk shows. His marketing crew couldn't pull it off despite telling every area radio station's sales manager that he or she was the best they'd dealt with anywhere. Good news: it seems it is a fiercely loyal but definitely finite market being strung along. But when the matinee was cancelled, the spin began. Suddenly it was a scheduling conflict that prevented the appearance. spin?

Michael Savage refers to this as the Bald and Fat tour. You can be sure who the losers are in this P.T. Barnum goat rope. You can also be sure who the shameless clowns are. The good news if you have a bridge to sell is that the ball caps, tote bags, and travel mugs mark your prey. Tickets still remain for this evening's show.  

Video: Terry McAuliffe and Jon Bowerbank Promote Virginia Wine in Cuba

For more on Terry McAuliffe and Jon Bowerbank's recent trade mission - promoting Virginia wine, among other things - to Cuba, see here. Or, just watch the video. It's fascinating how much Jon Bowerbank looks like Burl Ives, and how much Terry McAuliffe looks like Alec Guiness, but I'm sure that's just a strange coincidence for "our men in Havana." :) Also, is that Virginia wine they're drinking or something more tropical? Heh.

T-Mac on McDonnell/Cooch Anti-Health Reform Push: “This is all bogus”

Good for Terry McAuliffe, calling out Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli for their crusade against health care coverage for all Virginians.
Both Republicans, McAuliffe told CNN, "are playing a divisive game of politics that hurts Virginia families and clearly hurts and affects the health care of millions of Virginians."

"This is all bogus," he said in a phone interview. "It's nothing more than pure politics. These lawsuits will not be successful. This is more about playing to their own political base."

What's ironic is that many in the Republican "base," particularly those in the middle and working classes, will benefit greatly from health care reform. So, as usual, Republicans are working against their own self interest, but apparently oblivious that they are doing so. Crazy.

P.S. See here for more on the McDonnell/Cooch news conference this afternoon, "where the governor ceremoniously signed a bill that will make it illegal for the state to require citizens to purchase health care." As Terry McAuliffe said, "this is all bogus."