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Update on Remote Area Medical’s Wise, Virginia Clinic

From Remote Area Medical: Update on Remote Area Medical’s Wise, Virginia Clinic ROCKFORD, TN (July 12, 2019) – Remote Area Medical- RAM® is a major nonprofit provider of...

GOP Healthcare Hypocrisy Alert: Rep. Morgan Griffith Shows His Face at...

The following screenshot of a Facebook post by Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA09) epitomizes so much that's wrong with the hypocritical, hurt-their-own-people-and-then-pretend-it-never-happened Republicans. In Griffith's...

Vote Wise-ly 

I live in a bubble. It's a lovely little bubble in Northern Virginia. Sure, I have problems--my kids' college is expensive, my Metro commute...

Republican Alternative Medicaid Arrives at Wise Remote Area Medical Clinic

Patients won't be seen at the Wise Remote Area Medical (RAM) clinic before 6 am this Friday but by now they have begun to...

McAuliffe to visit free health clinic in Wise County

Today's (Friday, 17 July) WashPost Metro section has an article describing Gov. Terry Mc's visit to a "free rural health clinic" in Wise County, SW VA.  (I can't link to the article because I don't have an online WashPost subscription.)

Here's the deal:
-- RAM -- Remote Area Medical -- recruits volunteer medical personnel to hold clinics in underserved areas of the US.

Of the 13 RAM clinics this year, THREE are in Virginia and TWO others are in NE TN, adjacent to SW VA.

-- People start lining up 2-3 days in advance, sleeping in their cars and trucks, to get medical, dental, and optical care.  For most of these folks, this is the ONLY medical care they will get ALL YEAR.

-- The vast majority of these people have jobs -- they WORK.

-- Here are videos from previous RAM clinics in Wise County

Oh, and did I mention:  WE DON'T NEED THAT DAMN MEDICAID EXPANSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Few Jobs Will Wise County Coal Plant Create?

Dominion Virginia Power is spending $1.8 billion dollars worth of your electric bills to build a dirty coal-fired power plant in Wise County. How many jobs will that investment of our money deliver? Shockingly few, according to the Virginia Mining Association (PDF):
At the end of July, there were about 1,800 men and women employed in the construction of the 585-megawatt power station. The work force included about 600 people from the local area, accounting for 33.4 percent of total employment. The local area is defined as being within a 50-mile radius of the town of St. Paul, with Wise, Russell and Scott counties accounted for the majority of the local hires. Additionally, the staff that will operate the power station is being formed and trained. After Oct. 4 operations employment will stand at 34 with half of those hires coming from the local area.
Well hey, that's only $106 million of our money per permanent job for local residents. What a bargain!

Meanwhile, a Virginia State Corporation Commission analyst has testified (PDF) that, because the higher rates needed to pay for it, the plant will cost Virginia 1,474 jobs.

Now, apologists for this terrible deal will say, "But they need every job they can get in Wise County!" By that rationale, why bother actually building this polluting plant? As the Chesapeake Climate Action Network has pointed out, we could pay 75 Wise County residents $100,000 per year and give the county $6 million a year for the next 133 years with the $1.8 billion it will take to build the plant. And in that scenario, we wouldn't have to deal with the 5.4 million tons of carbon dioxide, thousands of tons of other air pollutants & dozens of pounds of mercury the plant will release.

All in all, a terrible deal for Virginia's economy & environment.