McAuliffe to visit free health clinic in Wise County


    Today’s (Friday, 17 July) WashPost Metro section has an article describing Gov. Terry Mc’s visit to a “free rural health clinic” in Wise County, SW VA.  (I can’t link to the article because I don’t have an online WashPost subscription.)

    Here’s the deal:

    — RAM — Remote Area Medical — recruits volunteer medical personnel to hold clinics in underserved areas of the US.

    Of the 13 RAM clinics this year, THREE are in Virginia and TWO others are in NE TN, adjacent to SW VA.…

    — People start lining up 2-3 days in advance, sleeping in their cars and trucks, to get medical, dental, and optical care.  For most of these folks, this is the ONLY medical care they will get ALL YEAR.

    — The vast majority of these people have jobs — they WORK.

    — Here are videos from previous RAM clinics in Wise County…………

    Oh, and did I mention:  WE DON’T NEED THAT DAMN MEDICAID EXPANSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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