Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Virginia’s Patron of Predatory Lenders, “Title Max Tim” Hugo (R-40), Has...

Virginia GOP Delegate Tim Hugo (HD-40), opposed by inspiring Air Force veteran Donte Tanner, deserves to be one of Democrats’ top targets in the...

Video: Delegates Jim LeMunyon (R) and Tim Hugo (R) Blow Off...

The following video is from today's League of Women Voters candidate forum covering the 36th, 40th, 67th and 86th Virginia House of Delegates districts....

Legislation in Virginia General Assembly Would Be Major Gift to Predatory...

Apparently, our friends in the predatory towing industry are hard at work these days, not just engaging in their less-than-popular (to put it mildly)...

Blatant Voter Suppression Bill Proposed by Albo

People have been focusing on possible voter suppression if HB 9, which will require that potential voters produce identification in order to be allowed to vote a regular ballot, were to become law. However, there is a far worse bill than Mark Cole's HB 9. HB 895 has been introduced by Dave Albo (R-Springfield) and co-sponsored by Tim Hugo (R-Centreville). That bill would require all persons registering to vote to prove they are citizens of the United States, prove they live in the precinct they will vote in, and produce a current, government-issued photo identification.

I can't see how that bill - should it become law - would ever pass scrutiny by the U.S. Department of Justice, but that didn't stop Albo from introducing it. It even tries to backhandedly overturn the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, better known as the "motor voter bill," by requiring that anyone registering at the DMV or other state agency bring all that identification with them.

Mark Cole, Tim Hugo and Dave Albo have one thing in common besides being right wing Republicans. They are all participating legislators in ALEC, the far-right corporate bunch that writes model right-wing laws for state legislators to introduce. Albo is on ALEC's Public Safety and Elections Task Force. Hugo is on two ALEC task forces. Mark Cole is on the ALEC Education Task Force.

HB 895 and HB 9 both follow ALEC's model bill that is intended to suppress voter turnout in the guise of protecting against imaginary voter fraud.

Photo of the Day: Felix and Friends


Well, isn't this just heart warming? Three of our favorite Teapublicans together in one photo. On the left is typical Republican corporate tool Del. Tim Hugo (snarky side note: his independent opponent, Diane Blais, is running a BRUISING race against him, as you can see from this video). In the center is our old friend Brian Schoeneman, banned from this blog a long time ago for incessant right-wing trolling, now running for House of Delegates (believe it or not) against the excellent - and likely to win by a wide margin on November 8 - Del. David Bulova.

And, last but not least is none other than Felix Macacawitz, last seen in 2006 calling S.R. Sidarth a racial slur (which it turns out comes from Allen's mother's native French Tunisia), angrily denying his Jewish heritage, and listening to old friends and football teammates dredge up stories about how Allen used to blow off steam by such activities as shoving a severed deer head into a black man's mailbox (in Bumpass, VA), habitually using the "n word," and posing happily with white supremacists.  For whatever reason, at this fundraising event for Brian Schoeneman, Allen forgot his noose and Confederate flag, not to mention his horse, but I'm sure this virulent worker-and-union-basher didn't forget his brain-dead/cringe-inducing sports metaphors and smarmy whoring for dirty energy industry.

Anyway, sounds like a great event, I'm really bummed I missed it! (snark) How about you?  

Close Tom Davis and Tim Hugo (Republican) Allies Endorse Janet Oleszek...

Sometimes, I hear people say that endorsements don't matter, and that's usually the case. But sometimes they really DO matter, such as when Leslie Byrne endorsed Jim Webb, giving the former Reagan Administration official the "liberal Democratic Good Houskeeping Seal of Approval," as Leslie liked to say. Well, the endorsements outlined in the press release below, both for Janet Oleszek, by two well-known, well-respected, and stalwart Fairfax Republicans - one a close ally/former "ticketmate" of Tom Davis, the other a close ally of Tim Hugo (who even appears in this video for Hugo) - are classic cases of endorsements that matter.

In this case, the endorsements prove that Janet Oleszek isn't just some wild-eyed liberal, as Republican operatives like to claim, but someone who's certainly a strong progressive, but also who has appeal across the aisle, who can (and will!) work with anyone, and who is respected by everyone who knows her - Democrats, Independents, and stalwart Republicans alike. That's why Janet Oleszek has a great chance of being elected the new Braddock District Supervisor on November 8. If you want to learn more or, even better, help out Janet, please click here. Thanks, and go Janet!


Today, Janet Oleszek's campaign is proud to announce the endorsements of two legendary coaches in Braddock District, Red Jenkins and Tom Peterson. Both Jenkins and Peterson are prominent Republicans, but felt strongly enough about the election of Janet Oleszek that they are speaking out in support of her campaign.

"I've known Janet Oleszek in her role as an advocate for our youth for decades. The Board of Supervisors is in desperate need of someone with the kind of experience Janet brings to the table" Jenkins said. Jenkins, who was the Republican Party nominee for this very seat in 1991 as a ticketmate with Tom Davis also added that "Janet will always put our kids first on the Board of Supervisors".

Peterson agreed with Jenkins. Petersen added that "I've personally seen the commitment Janet has had in our community for years. She's always been there for the youth of Fairfax County, and I'm proud to stand up for her now".

In response to these powerful endorsements, Oleszek said the following: