Monday, November 30, 2020
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Audio: Hard-Right Former Virginia Delegate Rips Trump, Trumpism – “It has...

I'm not a big fan of giving right-wing talk radio any publicity, but this is too good to pass up. First of all, if...

Former Virginia GOP Del. David Ramadan on Fairfax GOP’s Election Today...

Remember this from February 11, 2018? That’s right; according to Virginia Republican blog Bearing Drift, “ Burgos took to Facebook in support of a religious test...

“Too Conservative” Declares David Ramadan “unfit for public office”

OK, so now that the blog "Too Conservative" has eliminated David Ramadan as "unfit for public office," how about everyone do what they can to elect Mike Kondratick, who by all accounts is one of the strongest Virginia Democratic non-incumbent candidates this cycle.

It's really not that complicated a choice: on the one hand, we've got: 1) a Republican (Mr. Ramadan) who even fellow Republicans say engages in "aggressive tactics, poor demeanor and vitriol" and is "clearly...not a man to be trusted or tolerated;" or 2) a Democrat (Mr. Kondratick) who I've only heard good things about, and who I've personally spoken with and found to be  smart, serious, and someone who 87th House of Delegates district residents will be proud to have representing them in Richmond. This one, my friends, is what's known as a "no brainer."

Go Mike Kondratick!