Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Wilt’s “Family Ties”: Another Reason to Support Kai Degner


The key lines in this story, published by the conservative Daily News-Record:

"...[Wilt] failed to publicly disclose his financial ties to a controversial natural gas exploration proposal near Bergton."


"Wilt's ties to the possible exploration and his run for the House of Delegates could put him in a position where he will be called on to vote on regulating the natural gas industry from which his family could profit."

For more, see this story, including Wilt's attempt at explaining his non-disclosure of this important information. According to Wilt, he has "not hidden anything," and this was "a nominal fee paid for those mineral rights" regardless.

Yeah, and if you believe that, I've got some oil-coated marshland along the Louisiana coast to sell you.

Seriously, though, this is all the more reason to support Kai Degner for Delegate. Because the last thing we need in Richmond is another delegate in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry!

P.S. If you can, please "get on the bus" for Degner on June 12.  

Get On the Bus for Kai Degner

Del. Scott Surovell forwarded me the following email.  Several Democratic committees - Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Alexandria, and the DPVA - are organizing this, join them if you can and help Kai Degner win this election on June 15!
On Saturday, June 12, you have the opportunity to help start to win back control of the House of Delegates.  The Democratic Party of Virginia and House Democratic Caucus have hired a bus to ship campaign volunteers to Harrisonburg to help Get Out The Vote for our candidate, Harrisonburg Mayor Kai Degner who is running in a June 15 special election to replace Matt Lohr, a Republican in the House of Delegates who resigned to take a government appointment.  Click here to read more about Kai Degner's campaign.

Kai is a twenty-nine year old ball of fire who door knocked his way onto the Harrisonburg City Council and subsequently was elected Mayor.  There are many votes to get out in his base in the City of Harrisonburg.  Additionally, a third party "tea party" candidate has filed to run which will divide up Kai's opponent's base of support.  This race represents an excellent opportunity to take back a seat if we can focus our statewide resources for one weekend.

The bus will leave on Saturday, June 12 at 9 A.M., from Fairfax County Democratic Committee Headquarters, 2815 Hartland Rd, Falls Church, and will return at 7 p.m. to the same location.  Just enough time for 6 hours of good grassroots door knocking.

There are 55 spots available and we need to fill every one of them!


If you are unhappy about the direction that Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli have taken our Commonwealth, this is the perfect opportunity to send a message.  Kai is a great candidate and has his opponents are on the defensive.  Our chances are good for an upset victory by Kai.  We've had a great track record in special elections, both here in Virginia and nationally.  Let's keep it up and keep moving towards a Democratic House of Delegates!

Delegate Bob Marshall Suggests Shooting Lawmakers Over Policy Differences is OK

This is cross-posted at Leaving My Marc.

At a recent Stafford County Tea Party rally, Delegate Bob Marshall (R-13th) suggests that it is OK to shoot lawmakers over policy differences. First we have Corey Stewart comparing the Obama administration to the Nazi's, now we have this.

Obviously, he was just misquoted.

Again, this sort of irresponsible rhetoric may cause someone with violent tendencies to think it is acceptable to act out in this way. You can obviously hear the teabaggers laughing and shouting words of encouragement. Unbelievable.

I just can't understand why Virginia Republicans are falling all over themselves to appeal to teabaggers. They are becoming more of a fringe party everyday.