Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Former Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA02) Staffer Pleads Guilty to “willful neglect...

It took a looong time, but it finally happened: former Rep. Scott "Petitiongate" Taylor (R-VA02)'s 2018 campaign now has a guilty plea hanging around...

TOMORROW:  Rep. Scott Taylor Subpoenaed to VA-02 Fraud Hearing; “This is looking...

From the Democratic Party of Virginia: TOMORROW:  Rep. Scott Taylor subpoenaed to VA-02 fraud hearing  Richmond, VA – Tomorrow, the voters of VA-02 will have their day...

NY AG Schneiderman, VA AG Mark Herring, Former VP Al Gore,...

Video to follow...great stuff, and thanks to all the Attorneys General (including our own excellent AG Mark Herring!), plus of course the man who...

Poor Maureen, Appears Bob Involved Her in Fraud

All in the Family photo firstFamily_zps5fb5cc0c.jpgLet's make it easy for the grand jury. When you file a fraudulent expense claim, it is fraud. And when you receive compensation that you do not report on your taxes, it is tax fraud. Then when you file with your spouse, your spouse abets the fraud, Bob.

Governor McDonnell cannot credibly claim ignorance on the expense claims. He proudly advertises he is a veteran and his service continued until rather recently. Military personnel submit travel claims for reimbursement and during that drill, the definitions and implications of a fraudulent claim are clear to everyone. Then maybe the Feds should be investigating his military travel claims too. Maybe he "regularly" claimed an enema or whatever that bowel cleansing treatment was on those submissions. Regardless, he owes taxes on those false claims.

But that really is just minor compared to the potentially felonious fraud that the gift from Jonnie R. Williams represents. Sadly, Bob may have implicated his daughter Cailin too. You see, the presumption in the tax code is that any gift is taxable. There are reasonable exceptions that are outlined below the fold. This is all designed to prevent bribery and influence peddling from going unpunished.

There are really three circumstances affecting the status of the catering payment by Jonnie (I hope I can call you Jonnie):

  • Jonnie paid a bill for Bob McDonnell covering catering for Cailin's wedding in a quid pro quo arrangement that Bob must declare as income
  • Jonnie paid a bill for Cailin nee McDonnell covering catering for Cailin's wedding in a quid pro quo arrangement that Cailin must declare as income
  • Jonnie filed a federal gift tax return declaring a gift to either Bob or Cailin; basically attesting that there is no quid pro quo arrangement
Show us those tax returns and the dates they were filed.

McDonnell Waiting on Cuccinelli’s Office, State Board of Elections

Yesterday Governor McDonnell provided an update on his SB 1 (voter ID) position. He said that he is "very disappointed with the General Assembly on that score" and that he has not made any final decision yet, waiting for "input from the lawyers" and the Board of Elections.

"I submitted an amendment that would have, I think, fixed some of the concerns to make sure you simply do a signature check between the provisional ballot being cast and the voter registration file to see if the signatures match. If not, you know you have a potential fraud by that voter. I'm concerned that we have very good free honest elections in Virginia. But at the same time we don't want to burden voters and say they have to come back after the fact and so forth." - Governor McDonnell

In response to a caller on a Norfolk radio station program, the Governor said he had amended about 100 bills and that the General Assembly accepted about 88% of them. He said there are still about two weeks left in the process of reviewing those not accepted including the voter ID bill.