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Pay Attention, Corey Stewart


Our failure to act responsible at the federal level will only open the door to irresponsibility by others. That includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe," the president said at a naturalization ceremony for members of the military.

In fact, I've instructed members of my administration to closely monitor the situation and examine the civil rights and other implications of this legislation. But if we continue to fail to act at the federal level, we will continue to see misguided efforts opening up around the country.

He added, "As a nation, as a people, we can choose a different future - a future that keeps faith with our history, with our heritage, and with the hope that America has always inspired in the hearts of people all over the world."

"Misguided efforts" like...portrayed here, for instance?

Republican Health Care Plan: “Bring a chicken to the doctor”


For more information on the Republicans' innovative-in-a-"back to the future"-way approach to health care in America, click here. And some people say the Republicans aren't an intellectually serious party?  C'mon, people, think of the possibilities here. Ha.

Michael Steele: African Americans “don’t have a reason” to Vote...

RNC Chairman Michael Steele tells us something we've known for several years now.  Better late than never, I guess.
Why should an African-American vote Republican?

"You really don't have a reason to, to be honest - we haven't done a very good job of really giving you one. True? True," Republican National Chairman Michael Steele told 200 DePaul University students Tuesday night. [...]

"For the last 40-plus years we had a 'Southern Strategy' that alienated many minority voters by focusing on the white male vote in the South. Well, guess what happened in 1992, folks, 'Bubba' went back home to the Democratic Party and voted for Bill Clinton."

Thank you, Michael Steele, for stating the obvious and acting like it's a great revelation!

P.S. A few more groups of people who should never vote Republican: women, GLBT folks, Hispanics, religious minorities (including atheists and non-religious people), teachers, police officers, government employees and contractors, scientists, anyone who needs health care, anyone who cares about the planet (including hunters, anglers, etc.), anyone who's not in the top 1% in terms of wealth, anyone who lives in a city, etc., etc.  I wonder if Michael Steele will admit it.

Hello! “There Is No Bailout in the Financial Reform Bill”...

Are you as sick as I am of the political fabricators falsely claiming and the political illiterates actually believing the financial reform bill is a bailout?  41 Senators are willing not only to filibuster, but also to lie, by signing a "letter" (more like fiction) saying as much.  Their letter demanding "no more bailouts," as if there is one in the bill.  Welcome to the continuation of the GOP Disinformation Tour.  The GOP Rushes to the rescue from nothing, again.  And they think they can get away with it.

WAPO's Ezra Klein has a message for the misinformed: There is no bank bailout in Financial Reform Bill.  

Who’s the Real Fiscal Conservative?

Let's review.

President George W. Bush championed the passage of nearly $2,000,000,000,000 in tax cuts for rich with not a single dollar in spending cuts to offset the lost revenue. The entire amount is borrowed from our children & grandchildren, who'll be left to pay the interest & deal with the tab.

He was the standard bearer of a party that purports to represent fiscal conservatism.

President Barack Obama championed the passage of a health insurance reform package. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the legislation will cut the deficit by $130 billion in its first 10 years and an incredible $1.2 trillion in the decade after that.

According to Republicans, he is a fiscally irresponsible socialist.

I have no idea why voters still don't trust Republicans. Do you?

Norm Ornstein: Do Republicans “really believe that [expletive]?”

In this morning's Washington Post, Norman Ornstein of the (center-right) American Enterprise Institute has a superb, must-read op-ed entitled, "Obama: A pragmatic moderate faces the 'socialist' smear." Here's an excerpt:
To one outside the partisan and ideological wars, charges of radicalism, socialism, retreat and surrender are, frankly, bizarre. The Democrats' health-reform plan includes no public option and relies on managed competition through exchanges set up much like those for federal employees. The individual mandate in the plan sprang from a Heritage Foundation idea that was endorsed years ago by a range of conservatives and provided the backbone of the Massachusetts plan that was crafted and, until recently, heartily defended by Mitt Romney. It would be fair to describe the new act as Romneycare crossed with the managed-competition bill proposed in 1994 by Republican Sens. John Chafee, David Durenberger, Charles Grassley and Bob Dole -- in other words, as a moderate Republican plan. Among its supporters is Durenberger, no one's idea of a radical socialist.


Looking at the range of Obama domestic and foreign policies, and his agency and diplomatic appointments, my conclusion is clear: This president is a mainstream, pragmatic moderate, operating in the center of American politics; center-left, perhaps, but not left of center. The most radical president in American history? Does Newt Gingrich, a PhD in history, really believe that {expletive}?

Although Gingrich might not "really believe that {expletive}," it appears that many Republicans do believe it. Here in Virginia, for instance, we have Ken Cuccinelli ranting to a Tea Party rally (what else?) about the individual mandate. We also have Prince William County Board chairman Corey Stewart appearing to compare the Obama Administration to the Nazis (see for more on that).

The question is, do Cooch, Stewart et al. "really believe that {expletive]?"  Are they completely ignorant of history, including the fact that Republicans came up with a lot of the stuff they're railing against (e.g., the Republicans came up with the "individual mandate" as an alternative to the "employer mandate;" "cap and trade" was an idea developed in the Reagan Administration as a way to harness market forces to combat acid rain pollution)?  Are they just cynically using the most extreme, demagogic language to stir up their "base," regardless of the fact that they know it's all {expletive}?  Or do they actually believe the Big Lie they're spewing?  

Ignorance, fear-mongering demagoguery, or complete insanity, take your pick. That, ladies and gentlemen, is today's Republican Party of Ken Cuccinelli, Corey Stewart, Newt Gingrich, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, etc.

P.S. Just to demonstrate the illogic of Cooch et al., they claim that "Obamacare" (as they ridiculously call it) is a "government takeover of health care," yet they also rant that the government is forcing people to buy...wait for it...private insurance. From private, for-profit, capitalistic health insurance companies. Huh? A "government takeover" that (supposedly) "forces" you to buy from capitalist companies? This is the strangest "socialism" I've ever heard of, that's for sure.

PWC Chairman Corey Stewart Compares Obama Administration to Nazi Regime


This Saturday, my Blue Virginia colleague Marc Broklawski attended a Tea Party rally in front of the Stafford County, Virginia courthouse. As Marc writes, "One of their featured speakers was Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart. This is the same person that recently sent a letter to Ken Cuccinelli thanking him for his frivolous health care reform lawsuit."  Stewart is also well known as a rabid xenophobe, the author of the notorious "rule of law" resolution in Prince William County that was the basis for the film, 9500 Liberty.

Now, Stewart has gone even further off the demagogic deep end.  I'll let Marc Broklawski take it from here.

With all the crazy things that Stewart has said or done in the past, nothing prepared me for what I witnessed this past Saturday from him.  There were many things he said that were non-factual and completely offensive, but his comparison of the Obama administration to that of the Nazi regime was outrageous (fast forward to the 5:25 mark).


For Stewart to even suggest that this administration is anything like that of the Nazi's is way over-the-line, irresponsible and deeply offensive.  How the chairman of the second largest county in the Commonwealth of Virginia could make this despicable statement is beyond me?!

Wow, even for Corey Stewart - notorious xenophoboe and thug - this is really bad.

h/t: Leaving My Marc. Great work by Mark Broklawski!

Nye Gets Good News From Golden

From Virginia Beach Republican Kenny Golden's Facebook page.
Kenny Golden announces his intentions to run as an independent candidate for Virginia's 2nd Congressional District. Recent polling suggests a mood of frustration across the nation, highlighted by a disenchantment with and lack of faith in Congress. Yet, the two major parties offer only business as usual as their response to the people. The voters of the second district deserve a better choice, and that is why Kenny Golden has decided to seek the congressional seat as an independent. Leadership and vision are what he offers, not going along to get along.
It's hard to see how this move by Golden - former chairman of the Virginia Beach Republican Party - isn't good news for Rep. Glenn Nye (D-2nd) and bad news for likely Republican nominee Scott Rigell. Nye's hope, obviously, is that Golden's candidacy will split the conservative vote this November, giving him an easier path to reelection. Now, if we can just get Kenny Goldens to run as third-party candidates in every district in America, we'd be in superb shape!

3rd District GOP Picks Candidate To Get Crushed by Rep. Bobby...

The following is a statement just issued by the Republican Third Congressional District Committee. it will be fun watching Rep. Bobby Scott (D) defeat Chuck Smith by 70,000 votes or so this November. Actually, if this is any indication, it could be even a worse drubbing than that. Given that Rep. Bobby Scott is one of the best people in Congress, that's something to look forward to!

Sean Devlin, Chair of the Third District GOP Candidate Committee, today announced that Chuck Smith has accepted a call to run as the Republican candidate for the House of Representatives. This announcement concludes a lengthy effort by grassroots Republican leaders from throughout the Third District to draft Smith and persuade him to take on this important challenge.

"The incumbent may call the Third District home, but he represents only Washington special interests," said Mike Wade, Chairman of the Third District Republican Committee. "There were many fine individuals who considered running this year. I want to thank them for their decision to help draft Chuck Smith. Their decision to bring a united front to our effort means we have a chance to elect a Congressman who will actually represent us, the people of the Third District

Colbert and Frum On the Ultimate Republican Heresy: Speaking the Truth


As Chris Bowers writes, [David Frum's] segment was impressive for its lucidity and intellectual honesty, traits that are difficult to find in conservative commentators these days." I couldn't agree more and definitely recommend that you watch this. Plus, as is usually the case with Stephen Colbert, it's very funny. Enjoy!