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Bob McDonnell Sentencing Updates


‏@PeggyTV – “#McDonnell ordered to report to prison Feb 9 for 2 year sentence; he wants judge to allow him bond until appeal.”

@PostRoz – “No one had been expecting Judge Spencer to give Bob McDonnell community service. 24 months in prison is a coup for his defense.”

@MichaelLeePope  – “#BobMcDonnell sentenced to two years in prison”

NY Times reporter @tripgabriel – “Ex-Gov Bob McDonnell has finished speaking to judge.  Sentencing coming soon.”

NBC29 correspondent @alana_austin – “Bob McDonnell addresses court, apologizes for shame brought on others, asks for mercy for himself but mostly on his wife.”

@PostRoz — “Bob McDonnell asks that the judge show mercy to his wife first.”

@mattzap — “Prosecutor delivering final McDonnell pitch: ‘These crimes are unprecedented in Virginia’s 226 year history…This is a hard thing to say, but the defendant has shown no true remorse in this case for these crimes.’…Prosecutor compares McDonnell’s arguments to those made by ex-delegate Phil Hamilton, who got 9 1/2 years.”

@WAVY_News  tweets (2:10 pm): “Defense lawyers for #McDonnell just wrapped up. They read excerpts from many of the 440 letters of support the former governor received.”

‏@mattzap – “McDonnell lawyer’s final pitch begins with a lot of quoting from supportive letters”

@PostRoz  – “Former Va. Gov. Doug Wilder draws applause from courtroom of McDonnell supporters when he question why the briber ‘walks away clear.'”

Virginian Pilot reporter @patrickmwilson  tweets, “House Speaker Bill Howell testified that the McDonnell trial will lead to more ethics reform in this year’s General Assembly session.”

@mattzap “Sister: McDonnell stopped eating after verdict”

@JoeStGeorge — “Bob McDonnell often keeps his eyes closed. His head is down, almost as if he fighting back tears.”

@JulieCareyNBC – “#McDonnell sentencing hearing about to resume. One more character witness. Likely to be @BobMcDonnell himself.”

@mattzap – “McDonnell sister calls Bob the ‘glue’ of his siblings, vital to his kids. ‘He’s their go-to parent,’ she says, w/o mentioning his wife.”

NBC Washington reporter David Culver tweets, “#VA House speaker William Howell testifies on @BobMcDonnell’s behalf. Calls him a Boy Scout…#McDonnell’s been punished enough….The damage to his dreams and his aspirations has been done…RIGHT NOW: Six character witnesses have testified. A ‘few’ more expected, per defense.”

@JoeStGeorge – “Witnesses continue……priest up now”

CBS6 reporter @JoeStGeorge – “McDonnells commanding officer in military asked judge to give mercy”

‏@rhughes_cbs6 tweets – “If Spencer stays within the guidelines McDonnell will spend less time in prison than former Delegate Phil Hamilton.”

CNN reporter @ericbradner – “In Richmond, 30 minutes of technical debate helped Bob McDonnell: The judge lowered sentencing guidelines to 78 to 97 months.”

@mattzap – “Judge reduces guideline range to 78-97 months. Roughly 6.5-8 years. Said McDonnell did not obstruct justice, amount of bribes not >$120K”

@PostRoz – “Defense attys, prosecutors at #mcdonnellsentencing now arguing over technical issues–the value of loans, whether McDonnell lied on stand.”

@mattzap – “Judge Spencer, so far, is not asking any questions or directing the parties to address particular topics.”

@mattzap – “Bob McDonnell’s sentencing has officially begun. http://wapo.st/1wRLozo

Washington Post reporter @mattzap tweets – “A surprise visitor at Bob McDonnell’s sentencing (spoiler alert: it’s his wife) ”

@PostRoz – “Maureen McDonnell’s lawyer had been sitting alone in the overflow courtroom when she arrived. Her attendance appears to be a surprise.”

Washington Post reporter @PostRoz tweets – “After a couple of long hugs in the hallway, Bob McDonnell has entered the courtroom, accompanied by daughters Rachel and Cailin.”

  • True Blue

    I just read in Loudoun Times that McDonnell got 24 months. That’s it?

  • Jeb Stuart

    Any jail time is devastating, and the other punishments (loss of livelihood, pension) are devastating. A lengthy jail term would have accomplished nothing.  In all fairness, the depth and breadth of the letters and testimony seeking leniency was very impressive. Testimony from Doug Wilder? I think Bob got the more lenient sentence because he has done good things for many people over the years, and done them seeking nothing for himself. I don’t think this behavior, as disappointing as it was, was part of a pattern for him.

    Who would change places with him today, really?  Anybody really think he got off easy?

  • See here:

    49 recommends: “I can only imagine McDonnell’s fate if he’d done something REALLY bad … like selling loose cigarettes on the street corner.”

    44 recommends: “JUSTICE???  I’m so sick and tired of the Justice System being two-tiered. One for the rich/connected and one for the poor/disconnect.  Shameful.”

    40 recommends: “If he was a poor black male selling pot on the street there would be mandatory sentencing. Because he is an elite white collar criminal the judge has all kinds of discretion and now he will appeal even this light sentence”

    33 recommends: “I can’t believe it. Here is a guy that was just getting started on a path of payoffs and corruption and lied when confronted. He is a phony and deserved five years, minimum. The sentence is a farce and proves that the system is corrupt.”

    30 recommends: “Meanwhile across America today, people are being sentenced to double, triple that sentence for non-violent drug possession offenses and, in some cases, are getting put away for life. Life in the mass-incarceration plutocracy.”

    29 recommends: “JUSTICE??? I’m mad. 🙁 I don’t live in VA and never have. Two tiered justice system – one for the rich/connected and one for poor/’un’connected. I don’t care how many character witnesses he had. He showed he had no character by lying; ‘pimping’ out the Governor’s Mansion and the horrible way he treated his wife in public. Of course it must be mentioned that the judge is a Republican appointee.  Disgraceful.”

    28 recommends: “so in 2 years he will be a political commentator on fox ?”

    27 recommends: “Not even close to equal justice for all.”

    26 recommends: “Bobby; You were really lucky here to get off with so little of a sentence. How disingenuous of you to ask for leniency for your wife when you and your little brat kids mortgaged your sentence on her back. Just know that you got such a small sentence because you refused to take the hit. Your wife will now do the balance of your hard time you PUNK!!!”

    24 recommends: “What a joke. Why even bother with a trial if all you are going to do is slap him on the wrist. Good ole boy network in Virginny is alive and well. Can you imagine what a black governor would get for doing the same thing?”

  • Bumble Bee

    A corrupt state, run by venal and corrupt politicians, elected by ignorant voters who don’t care if their elected representatives are dishonest. All of this overseen by a “good old boy” judiciary.  If a low level government employee had gone on the take for the same amount they would have wrapped him in chains, padlocked the chains together and made him swallow the key before they threw him in the James River.

    Equal justice under the law my foot.

  • Jim B

    Yeah, the idiot voters and their politicians are probably thinking of ways they can blame this whole mess on Obama.

    Anyway, isn’t it an apt day for the republicans to take over the congress with a fellow republican being sentenced to the slammer?

  • cliff

    Virginia puts poor people caught stealing food to feed their families away for longer than 2 months and 2 days per conviction. WTF?

    Gov Mac “I am saddened by the effect this trial has had on our Commonwealth’s reputation for clean, effective government.” It wasn’t the trial, it was McDonnell’s criminal acts.    

  • Quizzical

    I guess I’m in the minority that feels that the two year sentence is too long.  I assume it is going to be two years in prison and then two years in supervised release; I don’t know if the prison time will be reduced for good time served and I don’t know if he can get probation.  I just don’t see the purpose served by having McDonnell in prison and I don’t like the thought of having tax dollars being spent to do it.   I didn’t find his crimes particularly shocking or harmful to society, and I assume much worse behavior is going on.  (Between the two parties, four billion dollars were spent on the last mid-term elections, as I understand it.)  He’s been thoroughly disgraced and humiliated, his political career is over, his family is fractured, and he is probably going to be disbarred. Six months in prison would have been sufficient in my view, then let him get on with trying to earn a living and paying taxes like the rest of us.

  • pvogel

    it was never going to be  10 years,  or even 7  years.    2  years  is no  walk in the park(  Unless they put him in   the  zoo in dc)         However,  his       street cred  will get him  a fox   show

  • Quizzical

    What is the purpose of a prison sentence in the case of someone like Bob McDonnell?  He is not a violent offender. Since his political career has been destroyed, any chance that he would be a repeat offender, committing these kinds of crimes again, is very remote. So I don’t think the protection of society is even a factor in his case.  

    A prison sentence certainly has some value as a deterrent to other elected officials thinking that it is worth the risk to engage in similar financial misconduct involving wealthy supporters.  What’s the evidence, though, that such a deterrent really works, and that a two year sentence is the appropriate time to create the deterrent effect, as opposed to a sentence of two months?  

    Also, tell me, if we are concerned with deterring our elected officials from accepting financial benefits from wealthy supporters seeking political influence, why have the campaign financing laws been gutted?  In fact the recent “Cromnibus” bill from Congress increased tenfold the amount that individuals can give in political contributions to the two parties. So the McDonnell sentence looks like one data point of deterrent standing against an incoming flood tide of money and influence peddling.

    Bob McDonnell was very stupid and got caught red-handed, and made himself an target for a rare high profile prosecution to demonstrate that justice will be meted out to the rich and powerful as well as the poor. But not really.    

  • cliff

    He hasn’t admitted he’s done anything wrong. He deserved enough time to contemplate his behavior and understand the error of his ways. Two months and two days per felony does not seem likely to be enough time for him to achieve insight, praise the lord.