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RPV Chairman Pat Mullins Supports Steele, Changes He’s Brought to the RNC Were Essential


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While many Republicans are calling for the resignation of Michael Steele, after revelations arouse about his profligate spending of party funds on a trip to a lesbian bondage-themed strip club, Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins wants everyone to know that he fully supports him.


Mullins supports him because “he was very helpful in Virginia throughout our campaign [last year], and I don’t think we need to get into a divisive intraparty thing like that in the middle of congressional elections.” Mullins would prefer to just sweep things under the rug, what a leader! This seems like a very compelling argument, I wonder what Virginia social conservatives think? 

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins weighed in on this controversy last week. To say he wasn’t happy with the RNC would be an understatement.

Perkins said the RNC — and its spending and the flap over a staffer expensing a trip to a bondage-themed nightclub — is “tone deaf” to social conservatives.


“The RNC is indifferent at best to the concerns of many social conservatives. The RNC does not reflect the values of the folks we represent across the country,” Perkins said.

Perkins went on to urge social conservatives to not give any money to the RNC. He concluded, “If you can’t run a party, you can’t run a country.” Doesn’t sound like vote of support for Steele.


Today Mullins joined 30 other state Republican party chairs in signing a letter supporting Steele. Here’s a notable excerpt from the letter (full letter is here):

The RNC under Chairman Michael Steele is a full partner with state committees, responsive to our needs, and intensely interested in providing the support necessary for victory. That process is not an easy process. Technology has had a great impact on the art of politics. That impact has required the RNC to adapt and change to work effectively in this modern environment. Change can sometimes be difficult. But the changes Michael Steele has brought to the RNC were essential for our party to adapt, and win, when we do not, for the moment, hold the White House or Congress.

I think they may be on to something here. In order “to adapt, and win” in New Jersey and Massachusetts, Steele obviously needed to change things up. An expenditure on a trip to a lesbian bondage-themed strip club was just the change that was needed. Heck, he was only trying to prove his street cred to those northeast liberals (snark).


Although a lifelong Democrat, Louisiana-born porn star Stormy Daniels is so impressed by the “change” Steele is bringing to the Republican party that she will run as a Republican against Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) to be the nominee, if she decides to run on April 15. She issued a statement basically saying that Republicans best “espouse her ‘libertarian’ views about sex and money.” Imagine what a huge asset a porn star could be for Steele!


All kidding aside, Mullins has some explaining to do to social conservatives in Virginia. His idea of leadership is to just sweep things under the rug. I’m thinking social conservatives don’t quite see things the same way.


It’s been a tough two weeks, if you’re a Virginia Republican. Keep up the great work!


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