Senate Seat Swap Soft Shoe


    The Stolle clan boasts a crew of adequately accomplished attorneys who don’t lawyer, a physician who doesn’t much doctor, and private sector cheerleaders all nursing at the public teat. They may be planning to pull a hat trick in Virginia Beach that will distinguish that city for its low public service expectations.

    It probably won’t be at tomorrow morning’s Virginia Beach Republican Breakfast that Chris will discuss Julian Walker’s Virginian Pilot stories that he was considering a run for state Senate and that his brother the Sheriff, who will soon have his high three for a handsome publicly funded retirement, may want to join him there. Possibly Ken has decided to relocate ala Frank Wagner’s now nixed idea to move to a Senate district currently represented by Senator John Miller (D). That could leave littler brother (also a Commonwealth employee, last I saw) a delegate seat somewhere. Maybe he can use Chris’s house and run from the district he currently represents and where Chris probably lives most of the time.  

    Chris, on his way to Virginia Beach after the Special Session, did not head directly home. Instead, he cut into a long line of cars on the I-264 ramp from I-64, crossing the solid double lines rather than merging into the exit lane like law abiding drivers a mile earlier (where those broken lines allow). He drove right through his district at a speed only a Sheriff’s brother can risk and exited at Birdneck (near the oceanfront), heading north to…I don’t know, Delegate Purkey’s house? Or some other house nearer the beach where he stays during the off campaign season?

    Look, it’s confusing enough with redistricting to know where to hang your hat or who your delegate is. I have moved once and could, by the end of the redistricting process, have had three different Republican delegates and three different Republican state senators, none of whom has lost or vacated his seat; incumbents all.  And that may end up true of my member of the US House too. But is this territory swapping necessary? Are there no Republicans who actually live in the districts who can adequately carry the banner? Or are there a few Republicans who can’t win where voters actually know them, ala Dick Black?  


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