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PPP: Allen Crushing Radtke; Cuccinelli Crushing Bolling


Verrrry interesting poll results from PPP:

*”In a primary contest between Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Cuccinelli leads 45-21. Cuccinelli is strongest with very conservatives with whom he leads Bolling 56-15…”  In other words, the people who actually decide Teapublican nominations these days strongly, overwhelmingly favor Ken Cuccinelli over Bill Bolling. In other words, if Cuccinelli wants the Republican nomination for governor in 2013, it’s his for the asking. Sorry, Bill Bolling, looks like you’re LG for Life!  Heh.

*”George Allen appears to be too far a reach for the Tea Party…Allen takes 68% of the vote to 6% for Jamie Radtke, 2% for Tim Donner, 2% for EW. Jackson, and 0% for David McCormick.”

*Also, “When we polled Virginia in late February Allen led a generic ‘more conservative’ challenger by 27 points at 52-25. Now that margin’s expanded even further to 35 points at 58-23. A seriously contested primary for Allen was already a long shot. Now it’s looking like an even longer shot.”

This one’s over, in other words. Felix will be the 2012 Republican nominee against Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate. And yes, the Democratic nominee WILL be Tim Kaine, as everything I’m hearing indicates that Bobby Scott is not seriously considering a primary race against Kaine.

*Finally, with regard to the 2012 Republican presidential contest, it “depends greatly on whether or not Sarah Palin enters the race.” Either way, Rick Perry is very strong, as are Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney. Everyone else is trailing, with Tim Pawlenty and John Huntsman barely registering at all. Very interesting.


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