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Finally, Authorities Pursuing the Real “Climategate” Crooks


Cuccinelli’s crusade to criminalize climate science clipped by cops confronting the correct crooks!

Yes, a mere two years after thieves with obvious ulterior motives hacked hundreds of thousands of emails from the University of East Anglia, police in the UK and US are now investigating the crime.

It’s about freaking time. The climate scientists allegedly implicated by these emails have been cleared by no less than 9 investigations finding no wrongdoing whatsoever on their part. Of course, it is possible that the investigators, ranging from the UK House of Commons to the US Department of Commerce Inspector General to Penn State U. to East Anglia to the National Science Foundation, are all part of the vast conspiracy. But…I kinda doubt it.

It makes a lot more sense to investigate the hackers in this case, who had the capability and resources to break into the University’s system, target and steal emails from specific climate scientists, cull through the full 200,000+ of them to find the ones that could be the most easily twisted and misrepresented to fulfill the agenda of the Fossil Fuel Lobby, and then skillfully release them in two batches, both before major international climate summits, in an obvious attempt to influence global climate policy. And gosh, don’t you wonder where they might have gotten those resources? (Hmmm…)

Last I heard, stealing was a crime – not to mention one of the “Thou shalt nots” of the Ten Commandments. And it is the job of the police to find and prosecute criminals – not to harass researchers.  

Which brings me back to Cuccinelli and his endless, insane and expensive legal assault on the University of Virginia based solely on loony climate denial conspiracies. It’s really sad that while law enforcement officials elsewhere focus their time on actually fighting injustice, Virginia’s top cop spends his time creating injustice. Courtesy of your tax dollars, of course.

Let’s hope that UK and US law enforcement authorities find the real culprits and their donors, expose their cynical acts, and put them behind bars. And let’s make sure that our next Governor and Attorney General enforce the rule of law rather than bending the law to pursue unconstitutional ideological boondoggles.


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