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Uranium Mining to Make Virginia Glow “an Eerie Green,” Says House GOP


VAGOPBlogPostThe “un-official blog of the Virginia House of Delegates GOP Caucus” put up a post on uranium mining this morning that quickly disappeared. Maybe someone thought that telling Virginians that uranium mining would make something (land? water? Virginians?) glow “an eerie green” was maybe not the best messaging? Heck, even the words “uranium deposit” are written in Incredible Hulk green.

The blog is written anonymously, calls itself unofficial, and isn’t hosted on a government or party site. Given how sloppily written the blog is and how it presents House Republicans as little more than industry sock puppets, I’m not surprised there’s no name on it. But unfortunately that makes it impossible to know who wrote it, what they were thinking, or who made the frantic phone call to for god’s sake take down that post before anyone sees it.

But isn’t that symbolic of the whole effort? Virginia Uranium is pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into political donations and lobbying hoping to jam through a repeal of Virginia’s sensible uranium mining ban before anyone notices its wild inflation of economic impacts or how similar fool’s gold like oil and gas fracking has brought unhappiness to towns from North Dakota to Pennsylvania.

Learn more about why lifting Virginia’s ban uranium mining would be such a bad deal for Virginians from Keep the Ban and ProgressVA.  


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