It’s Win/Win For McDonnell In Voter ID Veto


    The Kaplan Post says it’s: a test of principle versus partisanship. It’s really: choosing between riding with Romney or getting kicked to the curb. Virginia Republican legislators didn’t give suppression enough thought. They could have suppressed the vote and still allowed McDonnell the veep seat.

    These new restrictions fall most heavily on young, minority, elderly, and low-income voters, as well as on voters with disabilities. This wave of changes may sharply tilt the political terrain for the 2012 election and beyond. – Brennan Center for Justice

    Requiring voters to show government-issued photo identification is a hardship on as many as 10% of the electorate. But that may not be as effective as more surreptitious methods. Limiting early voting is one. Another is making registration much more difficult. But Virginia Republicans chose the lightning rod.

    According to the Brennan Center for Justice at the NYU School of Law, “state governments across the country have enacted an array of new laws that could make it significantly harder for as many as 5 million eligible Americans to vote.”  This is part of a tide that started in 2011.

    There are lessons learned available to Republican legislators flowing from lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that overturned flawed suppression attempts. A court in Arizona struck down a portion of an Arizona law that required proof of citizenship to vote. Adjustments are probably already incorporated into the sample legislation that ALEC now hides from the public.

    Transvaginal, nee Taliban Bob has options. Allow the law to take effect and accept the fallout. Or, his better bet: veto the current legislation to remain in the veep sweepstakes. If he gets the nod, Virginia Republicans will credit this as an astute maneuver and forget all about it in their excitement. If he doesn’t, it still matters: he won’t have to confront this in any confirmation hearings. Failing even a cabinet post, he can cover his tracks next session with one of the more crafty suppression methods.  

    • Teddy Goodson

      inevitably to a national identity card for every citizen, which would be just like those infamous “papers” residents in totalitarian societies have to carry with them at all times (remember World War II, and tales about counterfeit docs created for spies and prison camp escapees? That’s what I mean). If the Repubs insist on govt. ID’s, a universal one will have to be created.

      National idenitity cards are the only way to ensure that non-drivers or other incapacitated individuals have an officuial photo ID, one not available to illegal immigrants, proving the individual’s right to vote…. and yet, such a system is exactly what libertarians and civil liberty groups like the ACLU abhor; opposition to such a national registration form would bring together the libertarian right and the far left on the same side…. ha.