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Video: Prior to Swearing In Ceremony, Tim Kaine Has “A Special Thank You”


Congratulations to Tim Kaine, a U.S. Senator as of his swearing-in around noon today, and best of luck in this crazy Congress! Also, as I’ve written previously, I feel that Jim Webb accomplished a lot in 6 years, infinitely more than his predecessor did in his term in the Senate. I thank him for running and for once again serving his country. Of course, there were a lot of frustrations over the past 6 years, particularly the fact that Webb’s excellent criminal justice system reform legislation didn’t make it into law (despite overwhelming support from across the political spectrum). Still, as I said, he accomplished a good amount, more than most Senators. I hope Jim Webb enjoys his life out of the U.S. Senate, and continues to fight for a country in which “the health of our society is measured at its base, NOT at its apex.”

P.S. Needless to say, we also need Tim Kaine to fight for working people, the middle class, investments in crucial human and physical capital to make our country strong and prosperous going forward, and of course action on clean energy and global warming. We’ll be watching…

UPDATE 12:05 pm: I’m watching on CSPAN as new Senators are sworn in.

UPDATE 12:20 pm: Tim Kaine was sworn in a few minutes ago, with Jim Webb and Mark Warner standing behind him.


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