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Friday News: Global Warming Heats Up; GOP Melts Down Over Immigration


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, August 21.

*Hottest Month On Record Portends Global Warming Speed Up

*California Drought Is Made Worse by Global Warming, Scientists Say

*Jeb Bush, Donald Trump Unapologetic for ‘Anchor Baby’ Language (Republicans continue to try as hard as possible to lose the Latino vote.)

*Can anyone compete against Trump?

*Paul Krugman: Debt Is Good (“Believe it or not, many economists argue that the economy needs a sufficient amount of public debt out there to function well. And how much is sufficient? Maybe more than we currently have.”)

*Ailing Jimmy Carter ‘at Ease With Whatever Comes’

*The Unauthorized History of the GOP’s 30-Year War on Planned Parenthood (“Lawmakers were trying to destroy the group long before there were sting videos.”)

*Teflon Don (“Nothing can seem to dislodge Donald Trump from the top of the heap, which has left the press and the political establishment to wonder: How does this end?”)

*After coal, Appalachia to wind farm proposal: ‘It’s insulting, really.’ (“A utility giant’s years-long battle to put wind turbines on a mountain ridge meets stiff local opposition.”)

*McDonnell asks U.S. chief justice to let him remain free on bond

*McCollum asks Wagner to join him on uranium issue, Wagner calls it a ‘silly’ request (“Gary McCollum, a Democrat challenging Republican Sen. Frank Wagner in Virginia Beach’s 7th district, will hold an event with supporters on Friday ‘to call for Virginia Uranium to end their lawsuit’ against the commonwealth.”)

*Fairfax police officer secretly taped call with prosecutor in John Geer case

*Threat of Confederate flag protest thwarts Kaine stop in Danville

*Feds investigate death of black inmate in Fairfax jail

*Mountain Valley Pipeline begins buying easements for proposed route in W.Va.

*Editorial: City finances are a fine mess (“The finances for the city of Richmond have been in such awful shape that Mayor Dwight Jones brought in what he called “a solid, experienced, professional team to turn around the city’s finances.” Four of the six individuals who made up that team have now left.”)

*Nats finish trip West with a 3-2 loss in Colorado; 4 games back of idle Mets

*D.C. area forecast: Great weather for outdoor activities

  • Yet another reason to hold Scott Walker in utter contempt.


    RICHMOND – Governor McAuliffe announced today that Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased 0.1 percentage point in July to 4.8 percent. Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remains below the national rate, which was unchanged in July at 5.3 percent.

    The average weekly wage for private employers was $905.58 in July, 4.6 percent above a year ago.

    “We are seeing tangible results from our work to build a new Virginia economy in communities across the Commonwealth by attracting new, high-growth industries and fostering growth in the existing businesses that represent our employment base,” said Governor McAuliffe. “The new jobs numbers demonstrate enhanced income security for Virginia’s workers while offering the opportunity of lower costs for employers doing business in Virginia. We still have much work to do, and I remain committed to providing pathways to prosperity for all Virginia families and businesses.”

    “This is more good news for Virginia,” said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones.  “Year over year employment is up, wages are up, and unemployment is down.  When the public and private sectors work well together as a team, we can accomplish what is necessary to continue our economic growth.”

    From July of 2014 to July of 2015, Virginia’s seasonally adjusted total nonfarm employment was up 40,700 jobs. Over-the-year, employment grew 1.1 percent, the sixteenth consecutive month of positive over-the-year growth. Over-the-year July job gains were recorded by both the private sector, which grew by 38,500 jobs, and the public sector, which grew by 2,200 jobs. Compared to a year ago, on a seasonally adjusted basis, 10 of the 11 major industry divisions experienced employment gains.

    As employment grew faster than expected in the last year, unemployment insurance (UI) benefit payments decreased and UI revenues increased.   This produced an improved forecast solvency level for Virginia’s UI Trust Fund this year, which will likely eliminate the fund-building surtax in 2016, a year earlier than previously projected.  The fund-building surtax, which costs employers $16 per employee, has been in effect since 2010.

  • Did I mention how much I despise this Koch sucker?

  • …and of course Ted Cruz just goes on and on about how Christians are supposedly being persecuted and how liberals are supposedly “intolerant” and how Iran and ISIS are horrible to LGBT people (true – but what does that have to do with policy in the United States or Ellen Page’s questions?). Yep…that’s today’s Republican Party.