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Wednesday News: “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.”


by Lowell

Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, October 14.

Hillary Clinton towers over her debate rivals (“Sanders, her nearest rival in the polls, gesticulated wildly through the night and shouted in his Brooklyn accent about the wrongs of millionayuhs and billionayuhs.”)
The surprisingly entertaining first Democratic debate, explained (“One could easily imagine an alternate reality in which Clinton had that exchange with the more charismatic, more policy-fluent Elizabeth Warren instead of Sanders. A reality in which Clinton and Warren were joined on the stage by the likes of Joe Biden and Deval Patrick. Clinton would likely prevail against that kind of field, but it would be a considerably more difficult task than tackling her actual bunch of opponents.”)
Self-assured performance for front-runner Clinton (Agreed.)
Jim Webb Misses His Moment (“The wild card turns in a flat performance in the first Democratic presidential debate.” Total #FAIL on Webb’s part, really really lame debate.)
Sorry, haters: Hillary Clinton won the Democratic debate (“Bernie brought his A game, but Hillary still comes out on top — maybe by enough to keep Biden out of the race” Again, agreed. As for Webb and Chafee…just no. O’Malley made some flubs on foreign policy, but was ok overall, just didn’t move the needle, and that’s a huge #FAIL for him.)
Winners and losers from the first Democratic presidential debate (I generally agree with this, would just add Jim Webb as a big loser as well – whine, whine, whine, that’s all he did, other than sound like a Republican.)
Clinton crushes it (“But Sanders recovers after a rocky start in the first Democratic debate.”)
Bernie Sanders Just Explained Why Hillary’s Email Scandal Is Such a Sideshow (“The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.” But the idiot media apparently loves this non-story/non-“scandal”)
The 10 Best Moments of the Democratic Debate
The real reason Hillary Clinton won the debate: No one else was on her level (“Clinton turned in a solid debate, but was aided by her opponents’ weak performances on the big stage”)
Yesterday’s Debate Was Excellent Branding for the Democratic Party (Agreed, let’s have a lot more of these!)
Schapiro: Brat in step with right; out of step with everyone else (“The excitable Brat, a former economics professor, is given to disjointed, breathless utterances about why Washington is broken and how that is driving the nation to penury.” Yeah, “excitable” is one word for Brat; “nuts” is another.)
Toscano and Massie: At UVa: It isn’t all about Sullivan

Virginia revenue collections up 9.7 percent in September
Our view: The father of gerrymandering weighs in on Virginia’s redistricting options
The Va. GOP argument against Medicaid expansion in one chart (“Some would argue that the state has been expanding Medicaid for years, just in a way that’s more expensive to the state than it is the federal government.”)
McDonnell formally asks Supreme Court to take up his case
Playing games with Metro safety
GOP hopeful Jeb Bush in Virginia Beach next week
Sen. Lynwood Lewis, opponent Richard Ottinger make their cases for 6th District seat
With spill, Omega loses more than fish
Transportation official: Virginia Beach needs billions to ease heavy traffic
Nancy Dye campaign criticizes John Edwards for missing disclosure on attack ad (“Sen. John Edwards’ campaign had to temporarily pull a TV ad Tuesday after his opponent pointed out it was missing a disclosure required by state law.”)
NN NAACP forum brings out lots of voters, but not all the candidates
Forecast: Cooler weather ahead with frost possible this weekend


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