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Sons of the Confederate Veterans Dishonor Lee’s Request

by Dan SullivanW & L Demonstration photo 160115 W and

A group of misinformed, mostly what right wing apologists
would call “outside agitators,” banded together in Lexington at noon yesterday
to demonstrate their first Amendment right to spout ignorance. Lee asked that the
confederate flag not be unfurled for his memorial service. Almost none of them
live in Lexington.

Part of an ongoing dispute between the City of Lexington,
which does not allow confederate symbols to be displayed on city property or facilities, and
the Sons of Confederate Veterans has also attracted the attention of the Klu
Klux Klan. Apparently the KKK has designs on sending a few more outsiders into
town during the four day weekend beginning with yesterday’s Lee-Jackson Day and ending
Monday with a day honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There is a parade planned
for today in Lexington and the KKK has indicated an intent to participate, according to someone present yesterday.

Time for Lee-Jackson Day to go away. It is a waste of those taxpayer dollars the GOP is always chasing after.

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