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And One More: Fox “News” Poll Has Northam Up 4 Points (42%-38%) Over Gillespie


My confidence level in polls generally speaking isn’t super high, and of course my confidence in anything related to Fox is close to zero. But just for completeness/for the record, here are results from the Fox “News” poll of Virginia, which actually corresponds very well with other public polls…

  • Ralph Northam leads Ed Gillespie among Virginia registered voters by a 42%-38% margin, while Libertarian Cliff Hyra has only 2%. That four-point margin seems in line with the last four polls, which have it at Northam +10, Northam +5Northam +1, and dead heat (average those other four polls and you get Northam +4, exactly the same as the Fox poll).
  • 67% of Virginia registered voters are “satisfied” with how things are going in our fine Commonwealth, while 31% are “not satisfied.” So why does Ed Gillespie keep talking down our economy?
  • Top issues, as usual, are economy/jobs (21%), health care (13%) and education (12%).
  • Trump gets a 42%-53% approval/disapproval rating in Virginia, also similar to other polls. Among non-whites, 70% “strongly disapprove” and among women, 50% “strongly disapprove.” So who approves of this guy? White evangelicals, 50% of whom “strongly approve” and 27% “somewhat approve.” So much for everything Jesus preached, huh? Also, conservatives love Trump — 48% “strongly approve” and 23% “somewhat approve.” So much for conservative principles, eh?
  • For the most part voters say that Trump isn’t a factor in their decision on who to support, which I find amazing.
  • On the Confederate flag, 13% have a positive reaction to it, 33% negative and 51% “neither” (really? no reaction at all? alrighty).
  • This poll differs from other polls in actually showing more self-identified Republicans (39%) compared to Democrats (38%). That’s strange.




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