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Video: Protesters at GMU #ASSLAW in Arlington Take on Betsy DeVos Over Rape on Campus


The following explanation and video of today’s protest at #ASSLAW (Antonin Scalia School of Law) in Arlington is courtesy of End Rape on Campus. Great job fighting back against Betsy DeVos’ extreme agenda.

[Thursday], Betsy DeVos will announce “major changes” to Title IX. We cannot let our government facilitate going back to a time when rape was swept under the rug. We need as many people as possible to protest, in person, and call for Betsy DeVos to stop defending the interests of rapists and call on her ensure that the Title IX process is fair, rather than tipped in favor of the accused. Survivors deserve to be safe in school.

Join End Rape on Campus, Know Your IX, Feminist Majority Foundation, and SurvJustice at 10:00 AM outside Antonin Scalia Law School, where DeVos will make her statement, and bring posters to reflect the voices and stories of survivors. The protest will officially begin at 10am, with speakers and a survivor speakout. Bring posters saying why YOU need Title IX protection, and use the hashtag #StopBetsy on social media.

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