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Video: After a Career of Demagoguery, Nastiness and Stoking Racial/Ethnic Divisions, Corey Stewart Vows a Positive Campaign. WHAT???


Getting absolutely crushed in the polls, it seems that Corey Stewart’s vow – repeated over and over and over again – to run a “vicious,” “brutal,” “ruthless,” “cutthroat” campaign might be wavering a bit. Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard him back off the “brutal” part, claiming he REALLY meant “brutally honest.” I’ve also heard him back off “vicious” to “vigorous.”

Hahahaha. Yeah right, Corey, we believe you – we really do! LOL I mean, this coming from a guy whose demagoguery, appeals to ethnic and racial animosity, xenophobia/”illegal” immigrant-bashing and division, etc. have been his calling card since at least 2007, when Corey allied himself with Prince William County “nativist” leaders (one of whom is on this Southern Poverty Law Center list, and who appears in this video).

So none of this is new, but it certainly tends to ramp up when Corey is seeking to further himself politically. For instance, in 2017, when he ran against Ed Gillespie in the Republican primary for governor, trashing Gillespie as a “cuckservativeand as “weak kneed” and “weak chinned,” calling Gillespie “abortion Ed” and asking “how can he, frankly, even call himself a good man?” Charming, eh?

And then there was the Virginia GOP 2018 primary for U.S. Senate, which was absolutely vicious between Nick Freitas an Corey Stewart. Among other things, Corey’s campaign mocked Freitas’ last name (“Freitas…… Sounds more like a item from Taco Bells dollar menu then a Senate candidate….#BBQFreitas”) and called him names like “Cryin’ Nick” (for claiming that the ridicule of his last name was “racist”).

Now we’ve got the 2018 U.S. Senate race, in which Corey Stewart has vowed repeatedly to run the aforementioned “brutal,” “vicious,” etc. campaign, while attacking Tim Kaine’s family and paying a ton of money to a guy who compared GOP establishment to a ‘house negro,’ disparaged civil rights leaders, who Called Memphis, New Orleans and Baltimore ‘Shitholes’, who ridicule[d] NAACP, black neighborhoods, and who “used expletive to describe majority-black cities, etc., etc. (And note that Corey Stewart’s response to all this was to [Rail] Against ‘Ass Hurt’ Republicans, [Say] He Won’t Fire Adviser Who Made Racist Comments).

So now, THIS guy is claiming he’s going to run a POSITIVE campaign (as long as Democrats don’t talk about race, apparently)??? The same politician whose political persona for at least 11 years has been based on DIVISION is now talking unity? This guy would be laughable if he weren’t so toxic. On second thought, yeah, he’s laughable…utter buffoon, embarrassment to Virginia, etc. On November 6, let’s make sure we absolutely CRUSH this guy, after which we need to end his political career once and for all in 2019. But one thing at a time; first, November 6 – CRUSH!


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