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Dave Brat Lies Again: Claims He Is ALWAYS Positive, NEVER Runs Negative Ads…Then Runs a SUPER-Negative, Inaccurate Attack Ad Against Abigail Spanberger


You know how Rep. Dave Brat (far-right extremist R, VA-07) likes to lie…and lie..and lie some more? For more on that topic, see Two Videos Prove That Dave Brat Is a Pathological Liar,  The False Premises of Dave BratThe Five Weirdest Things Dave “I’m an Economist!” Brat Said on “Moral Capitalism” Last WeekAudio: After Months of Claiming He Will NOT Support Corey Stewart, Now Dave Brat Says He DOES Support Corey Stewart, etc. So basically, if Dave Brat’s lips are moving, he’s probably lying.

The latest example? Check out the videos, below: 1) where Brat claims he’s “always positive,” that it’s “absolutely false” he’s ever run a negative ad…”no negative ads from Dave Brat”; and 2) a super-negative, as well as fallacious (e.g., the claim about supposed “sanctuary cities” existing in Virginia – didn’t we already go through this crap last year with Ed Gillespie???), attack ad that Dave Brat just started running against VA-07 Democratic nominee Abigail Spanberger. So yeah…Brat claims he’s ALWAYS positive, NEVER runs negative ads, then goes SUPER negative. You think the guy’s a liar or what? You think he’s PANIC-STRICKEN or what? How about both of those things?


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