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Audio: For Far-Right State Sen. Amanda Chase, “Sorry” Is the Hardest Word

Chase keeps blaming the Capitol Police officer, says she "owes ME an apology...she didn't handle the situation appropriately...she was targeting me"


If you haven’t been following the ongoing saga of faaar-right Virginia State Senator Amanda “I Call My Revolver My Little Equal Rights Amendment” Chase (R-SD11), see State Senator Amanda Chase (R-11th) Claims Capitol Police Are Partisan Liars, Sen. Amanda Chase Goes Too Far in Accusing Capitol Police, Virginia lawmaker claims police violated ‘women’s rights’ by not letting her use restricted parking, UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Police: Sen. Amanda Chase berated officer who wouldn’t let her park in secure area at Capitol and GOP leaders send support to Capitol Police following report of Sen. Chase’s altercation.

With that as a bit of background, check out Chase’s interview this morning on WRVA (see below) with a *very* sympathetic, friendly interviewer, who tried over and over again to lead Chase towards apologizing for her appalling behavior – including dropping the “f bomb” – towards a Capitol Police Officer the other day. In this interview, among other things, Chase over and over justifies and makes excuses for her unacceptable behavior (which her Republican Senate colleagues have distanced themselves from), even claims that the Capitol Police officer “owes ME an apology…she was very dismissive…didn’t handle the situation appropriately…she was targeting me.” Finally, in apparent exasperation at Chase’s unwillingness to say the words “I’m sorry” or “I apologize,” he says “I think maybe you’re missing an opportunity.” In response, Chase FINALLY says “I regret dropping the ‘f bomb’…that’s where I was that day…we are human…I apologize for using that language.”

But of course, Chase can’t just leave it at that. Instead, she goes on about how “I felt like the situation was escalated,” and yet AGAIN blames the Capitol Police officer: “but because she seemed to not know the protocol, it escalated to where it should not have ever been, there was no law broken.” So yeah, this woman is actually a Virginia State Senator. Until November, anyway, at which time voters will have a superb opportunity to replace Chase with someone (my choice is Amanda Pohl) who won’t keep embarrassing her district and her state.


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