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Far-Right VA State Sen. Amanda Chase (R), Who Berated Capitol Police, Rails Against “Evil” Liberals, Falsely Claims Dems Support “murder of innocent babies”

Constituents skewer her in the comments section.


Just a reminder of what Democrats in Virginia, and really across the country, are up against these days: Republicans like Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase (R-SD11), who posted on her Facebook page (see screenshot at, appropriately, the FAR right of this page – lol) that:

“This year is a race of ‘Good vs. Evil.” Liberal Extremists and the growing Socialist movement are amped and determined to fundamentally turn Virginia into liberal New York or California.

The Democratic Party is now supporting the evil of late term abortion – the murder of innocent babies…”

The top-rated responses to this post on Chase’s page are excellent. Here are a few that caught my eye (note: very few even tried to defend Chase’s indefensible comments):

  • “Evil? Oh, Amanduh, you have such an ugly heart”
  • “Good God, I can’t wait to turn Virginia into a liberal New York or California! If you’re the example of Republican representation, I’m even more proud to be a Democrat!”
  • This year is a race of ‘Good vs Evil.’ Are you kidding me?? Is this how you view the democratic election process, Amanda? What a horrible message to send to your constituency. Thanks for sharing your true colors and for being so extreme partisan that you’ve even managed to alienate a vast number of native Virginians.”
  • “Your message totally contradicts itself. Are we putting away our differences and working together or are we dividing good vs. evil? You were elected to represent all of your constituents, including those who have different opinions than you. It’s time to put away our differences, unite and work together for everyone in the 11th district no matter how they think.”
  • “Good and evil? You’ve really lost the will to even feign civility. Between your misuse and abuse of our Capitol Police, your privileged attitude toward your position, and now this disrespectful statement toward your fellow citizen legislatures, you have lost all credibility as a servant of the people.”
  • ” Senator Amanda Chase let me just add I am one of your constituents, I voted for you last election. I hadn’t done my research and thought you were the best candidate… I’m not an extremist I am left tho. Not super left, I own a gun if that puts it in perspective that I’m not super liberal but leaning liberal none the same. When I reached out for help to you, you told me you didn’t have time for me because my views didn’t align with yours…, Now you call me evil… I truly adore Amanda Pohl and think she is a wonderful Chaplin, advocate, mother, and friend… but even if she was not your opponent I’m not sure I could ever vote for someone who called me evil just for disagreeing with a few minor policies”
  • “No worries, the majority will rise up and defend our state’s people against your divisive rhetoric and angry attitude.  Sincerely, one of your ‘Evil’ constituents”
  • “No. We are trying to turn Virginia into a Virginia where all people are given equal rights and protections under the law. I like my state, but I’ll like it more when people can live freely and not worry that white supremacy and misogyny continue to be what we are legislated by.”
  • “Republicans will continue to decline as long as they keep rolling over on guns and acting like abortion is the only issue we face.”
  • “Framing half of our states people as ‘evil’ seems unfair at best”
  • “Amanda Chase: ‘It’s time to put away our differences, unite, and work together….’ Also amanda chase: ‘This year is a race of ‘good vs evil.’”  Does anyone not see how divisive and oxymoronic this is? If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting your opponent Amanda Pohl you would have to disagree with these statements. She is extremely kind and welcoming to everyone. Not to mention is has a degree in divinity and was a chaplain and counselor for years… sounds evil to me. For the centrists and the middle of the road people. Amanda Pohl is the way to go. She is not extreme unlike Amanda Chase and this post proves it.”
  • “Wow. Just wow. You start with “put away your differences” and end with good vs evil. The only evil I see is that kind of thinking.”
  • I am not a member of any political party. I’m one of those in the middle that both sides want to turn their way. I have said before, and will repeat here, I will not vote for anyone who runs a negative campaign. Having different ideas for how our government should be run does not make a person ‘evil’. And having views that you don’t agree with doesn’t make a person an “extremist”. You should be putting out there what YOUR IDEAS are and how YOU will lead, and stop trying to get all of us to hate someone who has the nerve to oppose you. Whoever wins the election must be prepared to represent ALL of the people and not just those who agree with them.”

I’d emphasize that in claiming all Democrats are “evil,” that Amanda Chase is calling half of her own constituents (50% of SD11 voters went for Tim Kaine last November; 46% went for Ralph Northam in 2017) “evil.” Heck, that’s even worse than when Mitt Romney wrote off 47% of Americans as people who “are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are ENTITLED to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.” But in a way it’s the same type of “thinking” – in Romney’s case, denigrating around half of Americans, and in Chase’s case claiming around half of her own district is “evil.”

By the way, for some background on Amanda Chase, see:  “I Call My Revolver My Little Equal Rights Amendment”; FOIA Requests Find that Sen. Amanda Chase (R-SD11) Grossly Exaggerated, May Have Outright Lied to Defend Her Nasty Behavior to Virginia Capitol Police; State Senator Amanda Chase (R-11th) Claims Capitol Police Are Partisan LiarsSen. Amanda Chase Goes Too Far in Accusing Capitol PoliceVirginia lawmaker claims police violated ‘women’s rights’ by not letting her use restricted parking, Police: Sen. Amanda Chase berated officer who wouldn’t let her park in secure area at Capitol and GOP leaders send support to Capitol Police following report of Sen. Chase’s altercation.

Oh, and let’s make sure we help elect Democrat Amanda Pohl (see my endorsement here) this November. In STARK contrast the constant stream of viciousness Chase spews out, Pohl believes in “The Value of Valuing People.” Also see Pohl’s Reflection After Another Gun-Related Tragedy, This Time in Virginia Beach and her highly moving, The Moment I Decided to Run. The bottom line is that SD11 can do a *gazillion* times better than the type of behavior we see on an almost daily basis by Amanda Chase. Fortunately, Democrats on June 11 nominated just the right person – Amanda Pohl – to make that a reality.


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