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DCCC: Denver “Snake” Riggleman Promotes Distillery in Podcast Appearance He Hopes You Missed 


From the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC):

Denver “Snake” Riggleman Promotes Distillery in Podcast Appearance He Hopes You Missed 

Congressman Denver Riggleman welcomed the “Coffee with Congress” podcast to his official congressional office where he drank bourbon with the hosts and repeatedly name-checked his distillery in a transparent effort to raise his company’s profile on the backs of hardworking taxpayers, throughout an interview he now definitely regrets doing and unsurprisingly didn’t promote.

Between name-dropping his company, Riggleman was also willing (*drunk*) enough to share his thoughts on everything—and we mean everything—on topics ranging from streaking to his opinion of Buzzfeed to how his dad called him “Snake” as a child.

This interview was so bad that at one point even the podcast hosts commented that Riggleman’s “Comms Director is very uncomfortable.” And with health care ranking as voters’ top issue in the upcoming election, it’s no wonder Riggleman’s staff is nervous about his single-minded focus on promoting his distillery.

Check out some of the highlights below and because it’s so bad we know you’ll think we’re making this up, feel free to listen to the full episode here.

On streaking: “Well UVA, you know, has a streaking tradition also. I’m a University of Virginia alum.”

On the worst place to streak: “The worst place to streak? Afghanistan.”

On Buzzfeed: “Buzzfeed, the most worthless, ridiculous piece of junk news thing I have ever seen. That’s where digital dreams go to die.”

On childhood nicknames: “But my dad called me…oh…well, he called me snake” 

“Virginians deserve a representative who spends their time fighting for the issues that matter most to families, not one who uses an interview to promote his own business while sitting in his official Congressional Office,” said DCCC spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer“His words are offensive, absurd, yet fitting for a former Congressman, which is precisely the title voters will give him this November.”


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