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Video: Far-Right Virginia State Senator Rails Against ERA Supporters as “Blindly Naïve and Uneducated”; Says ERA Is “Nefarious” Effort to Eliminate Gender Pronouns

Meanwhile, Virginia ratification moves ahead.


As Virginia Democrats – now in charge of the House of Delegates and State Senate following the 2017 and 2019 “blue wave” elections – prepare to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, the vast majority of Virginians are celebrating. According to this poll, for instance, 81% of Virginians support the ERA. And according to this poll, 73%-10% (+63 points) of Virginians support passing the Equal Rights Amendment. So, yes, support for the ERA is overwhelming – and for good reason(s)!

But…there *are* some naysayers out there. One of them, not surprisingly, is far-right State Sen. Amanda Chase (R-SD11), who holds, er, “interesting” positions on many issues.  See the video below, as Chase attacks “women and those who support [the ERA]” as “blindly naïve and uneducated” (uh, look in the mirror, Senator?) and how supposedly the ERA is all a “nefarious” plot to “accomplish the left agenda to completely eliminate genders…make preferred pronouns like ‘his’ and ‘her’ illegal…” Whatever you say, Senator. The rest of us, meanwhile, are going to be busy celebrating the ERA’s long-overdue ratification! 🙂


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