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Video: Far-Right Virginia Del. Nick Freitas (R) “Interviewing” Rep. Devin Nunes Might Cause You to “Have a Cow”

"Two blowhards fondling each other"


Need some warped entertainment this morning? How about video of far-right Del. Nick “Freaky” Freitas (R), who’s running for the VA07 GOP nomination to take on Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) this November, “interviewing” Rep. Devin Nunes?  As one Virginia politico friend of mine put it, it’s basically “two blowhards fondling each other.” So cringe-inducingly bad. If you’re interested, see below for a brief sampling of the scintillating conversation these two intellectual and policy heavyweights (haha) engaged in.  Also, for some more background on Nunes, see:

And Freitas:

Nunes: “The House Intelligence Committee…once a very bipartisan committee has been turned into the House Impeachment Committee. It’s where everything impeachment goes; they come up with new conspiracy theories all the time, they say things like, well, if you just knew the information we knew, mainstream media, you’d know that Trump has to be impeached…How many times we’ve heard that over and over again? So it’s really just a very frustrating time I think for most Americans. But you know, we’re very very hopeful that Virginia…comes back into the fold and we pick up a couple seats in Virginia…We have to understand that there’s no free-and-fair media left…in this country; it ceased to exist…It’s always been left wing…90% of people who are journalists vote for the Democrats…We want to be unfiltered…with real information…There’s very few websites that I will actually click on to…I don’t acknowledge that [mainstream news media] are actually a news outlet…there’s very little upside for any Republican candidates to talk to you know to talk to the Democratic National Committee-controlled media…you have the socialist Democratic press…” And lots more unlistenable drivel.

Freitas: “I appreciate it. Anyway, you bring up a good point…I mean, one of the things that the…free press is supposed to do in a free society, is to actually ask good, you know, poignant [sic], objective questions, and if you look at the way the media covered when you were chairman and you were actually pointing out some of the corrupt things that were going on in the previous administratio,n you know some of the problems with with the dossiers that were being pushed out, the collusion between the campaign and the government to target a political opponent, the media didn’t care about any of that. All they cared about was, well, how did you get that information? But then, just to your point, you have Adam Schiff out there…putting out all this intel saying things like, well, if you only knew what we knew, you know definitely we’d have to impeach. And all the media cared about then is whatever Adam Schiff was putting out. And I think it’s so destructive to our political discourse when the media is so clearly picking sides and tried to vilify and demonize you for bringing out information that, oh by the way, was completely factual. And time has shown that.”


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