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Del. Glenn Davis (R-Virginia Beach) Announces for Lt. Governor; Has Basically Zero Chance of Winning VA Trumpublican Nomination

Among other problems, VAPLAN rates Davis the *least*-conservative delegate; also, Davis was Kasich's Virginia co-chair in 2016


Del. Glenn Davis (R-Virginia Beach) just announced for the 2021 Republican nomination for Lt. Governor of Virginia. Unfortunately for Davis, he has essentially zero chance of winning said nomination. Why not? Let us count the ways:

  1. Per VAPLAN’s 2020 scorecard (see screenshot, below), Davis is the *least* conservative Republican member of the House of Delegates. That alone is probably game/set/match for him, but…wait, there’s more! LOL
  2. As you can see here and here, Davis supported Medicaid expansion…AND “tout[ed] his role in expanding Medicaid, his efforts to address gun violence and his support for L.G.B.T.Q. anti-discrimination legislation.”
  3. According to Vote Smart, Davis received just a 25% score from the right-wing “Middle Resolution” PAC on “budget, spending and taxes,” as well as only a 42% score from the Family Foundation of Virginia and just 65% from the American Conservative Union. All deadly scores in a Virginia Republican nomination contest, given how hard right that party’s gone.
  4. Davis was a big John Kasich supporter in 2016, even a co-chair of the Kasich campaign in Virginia. Kasich, of course, despises Trump and even spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. That’s gonna go over *real* well among hard-right Virginia Trumpublicans, huh?
  5. Davis ran for the VA GOP Lt. Governor nomination in 2017 and got crushed, finishing third out of three, with just 17.2% of the vote, behind Sen. Jill Vogel (42.8%) and Sen. Bryce Reeves (40.0%).

Bottom line: Davis is wildly out of step with the current Virginia GOP, which is hard-right and Trump-loving all the way. Of course, given that he *barely* held on to his House of Delegates seat in 2019, presumably Davis figures he doesn’t have much to lose, since it’s quite possible his political career is going to be ending soon regardless…

P.S. Davis’ former House of Delegates Republican colleague, Tim Hugo, is also running for Lt. Governor.

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