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Nick Freitas’ Closing Message: More Lies About His Health Care Record


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

Nick Freitas’ Closing Message: More Lies About His Health Care Record

Richmond, VA — In a final interview before Election Day with the Culpeper Star-Exponent, Republican Nick Freitas decided to double down on lies about his health care record, falsely promising that he wants to keep protections for pre-existing conditions.

“I’ve gone on record supporting legislation that will protect those with pre-existing conditions regardless of what Congress or the Supreme Court does to Obamacare,” Freitas argued, even though his years of public comments and voting record say the exact opposite.

In 2018, Freitas voted for a bill in the General Assembly to expand short-term health plans that often don’t cover pre-existing conditions. He has also unequivocally advocated for getting rid of the entire Affordable Care Act – including its protections for pre-existing conditions. In 2018 Freitas called the ACA a “cancer” and promised to lead the fight to repeal it if elected to the Senate. This year during his Congressional campaign, he said it was “absolutely correct” that he wanted to repeal the ACA and declared “I want to see Obamacare gone.”

While Freitas has tried to argue that he supports legislation in Congress that would protect pre-existing conditions if the ACA was repealed, health experts say that bill wouldn’t prevent costs from going up and people would lose their insurance because they would no longer be able to afford it.

Repealing the ACA and its protections for people with pre-existing conditions would leave an estimated 329,600 people in the 7th Congressional district vulnerable to losing their insurance or paying more for their health care.

“For all the preaching Nick Freitas does about political courage, you’d think he’d be the last person to try to change his tune at the last minute to fool voters about a key issue. Freitas spent years calling for the total and complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and nobody’s buying his lies now. Voters know there’s only one law that protects people with pre-existing conditions – the Affordable Care Act – and only one candidate in this race who will fight to strengthen it, not tear it down – Abigail Spanberger,” said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox.


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