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Video: With VA GOP Central Committee Meeting This Saturday, Amanda Chase Vows to Only Run for Nomination If There’s a Primary

An independent candidacy by Chase would all but guarantee Democrats holding the governorship next November.


Earlier this evening (see video, below), far-right State Sen. Amanda Chase (R), a candidate – possibly the leading candidate – for the 2021 VA GOP gubernatorial nomination, this evening reiterated that she will only seek that nomination if Republicans select a primary, not a convention, as their nominating process. This comes as the VA GOP State Central Committee is scheduled to meet on Saturday, Dec. 5 to vote on “Determination of Method of Nomination for Statewide Public Office in 2021.” Of course, if Republicans end up going with a convention, and Chase ends up running as an independent candidate next year, it would all but guarantee that the Democrats would hold the Virginia governor’s mansion, as Chase has a large and passionate following among the hardcore Republican base.

On the other hand, of course, if Republicans go with a primary and Chase wins the nomination, I’d refer back to former, two-term Virginia LG Bill Bolling’s assessment that if Chase is the VA GOP nominee, “her chances of winning, IMHO, a statewide campaign in Virginia these days  are zero, zilch, nada, none, not gonna happen; so Republicans have to decide do you want to nominate a flamethrower candidate like that and give away a legitimate chance of winning the governor’s office?” Of course, we also thought Trump was unelectable, but still…it really does seem unlikely that Chase could ever win statewide in increasingly “blue” Virginia.

P.S. Just to show how “out there” Chase is, she also talks in this video about how Sidney Powell – yes, the attorney who was too crazy and incompetent even for the Trump legal team of Rudy Giuliani, etc., that she was booted/thrown under the bus – is coming to Virginia later this week and is going to “investigate” the election here in Virginia. Now *that* should be fun. LOL

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