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With 8 Days Left to Apply to Be on VA Redistricting Commission, Applicants Continue to Skew Heavily Old, Male, White, Wealthy

82% age 51 or older, 75% male, 80% white, 79% earn $75k or more and ZERO applicants from SWVA


The last time we got stats on applicants to the Virginia Redistricting Commission, the numbers (with a total of 88 applicants) skewed heavily old (only 19 under age 51), male (71 out of 88), white (67 out of 88) and wealthy (70 out of 88 earning $75k or more). Now, with 8 days to go until the application deadline, VPAP has new stats, and…yep, they skew old, male, white and wealthy.

  • 175 out of 214 (82%) age 51 or older
  • 161 out of 214 (75%) are men.
  • 171 out of 214 (80%) are white.
  • 170 out of 214 (79%) earning $75k or more

On, and there are still ZERO applicants from SW Virginia and only 6 from Southside Virginia, with 74 from Northern Virginia, 54 from Central Virginia and 39 from Hampton Roads.

In sum, with just a few days to go in the application process, this commission is NOT looking like a cross-section of Virginia. Not even close. Ugh…


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