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Hunter Mill (Fairfax County) Democratic Committee Straw Polls: Jennifer Carroll Foy and Jennifer McClellan Tied for Lead in Governor’s Race; Sam Rasoul Leading for LG; Mark Herring Leading AG Race


The following results are presented with the usual caveats about straw polls, which are: 1) they’re not scientific; 2) they’re usually of just one committee, in this case Hunter Mill (Reston/Tysons area) in Fairfax County, so not representative of the state as a whole; 3) they are swayed by which campaigns really push to win them; 4) committee members are not necessarily representative of the electorate; 5) they’re spotty in terms of their predictive value; etc.

With that, here’s what a couple hundred (actually 187 voted in the governor’s poll, 200 in the LG straw poll and 179 in the AG straw poll) Hunter Mill District Democratic Committee members in Fairfax County are thinking right now about the 2021 Virginia governor LG and AG Democratic primary races. Oh, also, I hear that every candidate spoke, except for Terry McAuliffe, Justin Fairfax and Paul Goldman. And if you want to compare these straw poll results to a “real” poll – the Jennifer McClellan for Governor campaign’s “internal” poll (which had it McAuliffe 32% -Fairfax 16%-McClellan 8%-Carroll Foy 5% and 38% undecided) – click here; also, see here for a non-scientific poll of the 13.1k-member Joe Biden for Virginia Facebook group.


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