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SW Virginia Dem Committees Call Upon Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA06), Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA09) to “Immediately Resign” After Failing to Uphold Their Oaths of Office


The following is from the Roanoke County Democratic Committee, Roanoke City Democratic Committee, Montgomery County Democratic Committee, City of Salem Democratic Committee, Botetourt County Democratic Committee, Radford City Democratic Committee, Giles County Democratic Committee


January 7, 2020 – Democratic committees in the southwest Virginia area, in view of the shocking January 6, 2021 takeover of the United States Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump, call upon U.S. Rep. Ben Cline (R-6th District) and U.S. Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-9th District) to immediately resign after their failure to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, which they swore to uphold in their oaths of office.

Cline and Griffith have instead supported Trump’s baseless conspiracy theories that the November presidential election was rigged against him. By doing so, they helped feed unrest among the president’s supporters, which boiled over in a violent and shameful insurrection at the Capitol that played out on news channels both at home and around the world.

In fact there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Every legal challenge to the outcome has been rejected by judges — many of them Republicans and Trump appointees.

Cline and Griffith are among a cadre of Trump sycophants whose support for the president’s blatant lies led our great nation to this shameful crisis. They were present as our nation’s Capitol was compromised by domestic terrorists, yet they hid behind a “protest vote” rather than uphold their oaths of office.

We demand that Cline and Griffith resign so the people of their districts might find new representatives who do not support sedition and are cognizant of their oaths to the Constitution, which they swore to uphold.


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