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Mt. Vernon Dems’ Straw Poll Won By Jennifer McClellan, Sam Rasoul, Mark Herring; Also, Video of the Speeches


See below for straw poll results and video (I’ll add more as it uploads) from tonight’s Mt. Vernon Democrats’ Mardi Gras party. Note that these straw polls are fun but not particularly predictive; last year at this time, Mike Bloomberg was romping to victory in this same straw poll, with Amy Klobuchar a distant second and Joe Biden in 6th place. Going back to 2017, on the other hand, the straw poll was very predictive, with Ralph Northam winning easily over Tom Perriello and Justin Fairfax also winning easily over Susan Platt and Gene Rossi. As for 2013, Aneesh Chopra trounced Ralph Northam in the governor’s straw poll, while Mark Herring beat Justin Fairfax in the AG straw poll by a narrower margin. So it’s a mixed bag in terms of how predictive these things are, I guess…

P.S. Compare/contrast to the Hunter Mill Dems straw poll results from January 7 (Jennifer McClellan and Jennifer Carroll Foy tied at 36%; Sam Rasoul with 45%; Mark Herring with 64%…very similar to the Mt. Vernon Dems poll results, actually!).

P.P.S. To check out the YouGov poll which came out yesterday, click here. The results in that one were McAuliffe 43%-Undecided 30%-McClellan 8%-Carroll Foy 7%-Carter 6%-Fairfax 6%. Also, see this internal Jennifer McClellan campaign poll, which found the race at Undecided 38%; McAuliffe 32%; Fairfax 16%; McClellan 8%; Carroll Foy 5%.


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