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Video: New Pete Snyder For Governor Ad Touts Endorsements By “Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Trump’s Immigration Team”

The ad also brags that Snyder is "pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump"


As we’ve seen in recent months, Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder has gone hard right this campaign, apparently willing to say *anything* to get elected – and certainly not to get outflanked from the far right by Amanda Chase. For instance, see:

Now, check out Snyder’s new ad, which doesn’t even hint at any centrism or moderation, but goes all-out in the hard-right, pro-Trump direction. According to this ad, “outsider businessman” Trump beat the “dishonest media” in 2016, and now Pete Snyder is the “law-and-order conservative” who is “pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump” and – are is this awesome or what? – “endorsed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the leaders of Trump’s immigration team.” So that’s where the VA GOP electorate is at right now, and what Snyder is pandering to.  Just remember, in November, vote Democratic…the state you save from Snyder et al could very well be your own!

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