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Video: HD33 Dem Nominee Paul Siker Discusses His “Pragmatic Centrist” Campaign to Offer Choice of “Sanity vs. Lunacy” and “Thread the Needle” To Defeat Extremist, Insurrectionist, “Woefully Dismal Legislator” Del. Dave LaRock (R)


The entire Virginia House Republican caucus is right wing, no doubt, but even in that bunch there are a few delegates that really stand out as particularly extreme, bats***, etc. One of those, of course, is Del. Dave LaRock (R-HD33), who is so “out there” that he’s basically beyond parody. For instance, check out the following stories about LaRock:

This could go on all day, but you get the flavor – LaRock is waaaaayyy out there, to say the least. So can Democrats possibly oust this character in November? It’s definitely a long shot, no question, as HD33 (western Loudoun County, Frederick County, Clarke County) is solidly “red,” having gone for Corey Stewart over Tim Kaine by 3 points (50%-47%) in 2018, for Ed Gillespie over Ralph Northam by 9 points (54%-45%) in 2017, and for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by 16 points (55%-39%) in 2016.  But again, LaRock is extreme and “out there” even by Virginia Republican standards. LaRock is also completely ineffectual as a legislator, with a ZERO percent legislative “batting average” (according to VPAP) in 2021 and 2020 (when he was 0-for-42!). Heck, even when Republicans were still in charge, LaRock was just 3 for 15 (20%) in 2019, and 5 for 26 (19%) in 2018. In sum, HD33 residents couldn’t really do any worse for representation in Richmond than Dave LaRock…even if they’re Republicans, they’re really not getting an effective legislator.

Which brings us to the July 31 (note: the video was just posted) Arlington Democrats “Morning Mug” with Democratic HD33 nominee Paul Siker, who is a “nationally known recruitment and talent acquisition expert” with “extensive experience in the technology, healthcare, and non-profit market sectors” who knows how to “listen, collaborate, build consensus, and get things done.” Siker isn’t super progressive by any means, but he might – just might – be a good fit for HD33’s electorate, asa self-described fiscal conservative and social moderate” who’s focused on “safety…financial security for our families, social equity, and related freedoms inherent to the greatest republic ever conceived.”

With that, check out the following video of Siker speaking to Arlington Democrats yesterday. According to Siker, he’s looking to “thread the needle” by building a “coalition of support” based on not just Democrats, but also “moderate independents and moderate Republicans.” A tall order, no doubt, but if it might be possible anywhere, it should be against someone as extreme and embarrassing as LaRock clearly is. As Siker explains, in campaigning, he’s using a “layer cake” approach, including: 1) “highlighting some of the things  [about LaRock] universally people can identify as being out of step, out of touch with our reality…setting aside of our 2020 election results, participation in the rally-turned- insurrection, being anti-COVID [vaccines, masks, etc.]” 2) letting voters know that LaRock has been a “woefully dismal legislator” (see the batting averages, above), and that he should be ushered out of office for that reason alone.

The bottom line choice for HD33 voters in November is crystal clear: a) stick with a completely ineffectual, extremist delegate who embarrasses the district on a regular basis and who doesn’t deliver results for his constituents; b) switch to someone who wants to serve constituents, work to make things better for HD33 residents, and – as Siker puts it – choose “sanity versus lunacy,” or as Siker calls himself, a “pragmatic centrist.”  


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