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Youngkin’s Policy Proposals Are *Exactly* What You’d Expect From Someone Whose Top Economic Advisor Is the Coauthor of “Trumponomics”…and Who Helped Trash Kansas

Yep, it's the usual "trickle-down" economics we've come to know and definitely NOT love from the Republican Party.


We’ve waited for months for Trump Republican Glenn Youngkin to reveal his policy plans for Virginia if – god forbid – he were to be elected governor. Of course, if you paid any attention to the VA GOP(Q)’s nomination contest last winter/spring, you’d already know that Youngkin:

  • Is a big fan of far-right figures such as Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, etc.
  • Really, really hates “critical race theory,” even though it’s just a graduate-school-level academic theory (which has some very important insights into the history of racism in America, btw) that isn’t even taught in Virginia public schools, but…whatever?
  • Also really, really doesn’t like the American Rescue Plan, which he attacked as “unnecessary” and “absolutely […] wrong.
  • Is VERY concerned about Loudoun County schools supposedly “banning Dr. Seuss,” which of course isn’t the case, and also is a classic right-wing “culture war” distraction from real, actual issues.
  • Is a BIG fan of gun rights, arguing that the Second Amendment is “absolute,” and bragging that he’s a “lifetime member of the NRA.”
  • Said on February 24 that his priorities for Virginia included to “protect our Second Amendment rights, and defend the lives of unborn babies.”
  • Is a major proponent of voter suppression and the “Big Lie,” even arguing that “Dominion voting machines” are “the most important issue we’re going to talk about.” In February, Youngkin went all-in on voter suppression, launching an “election integrity task force” which “was his campaign’s only semi-elaborated proposal,” which “winked at the ‘big lie’ and his party’s Trumpist base,” while “feign[ing] ignorance of recent history and the GOP’s role in it.
  • In July, was caught on video saying, “We gotta stop using taxpayer money for abortions and we got to stop allowing abortions all the way up until the last week before birth…and THIS we can get done,” but adding, “I’m going to be really honest with you – the short answer is in this campaign, I can’t [talk about it]. When I’m governor and I have a majority in the House, we can start going on offense. But as a campaign topic, sadly, that in fact won’t win my independent votes that I have to get. “
  • Touted Stephen “Trumponomics” Moore – one of the worst economists ever – as the “best senior economic advisor on the planet.” Moore, of course, is a climate science denier, a coauthor of the godawful book “Trumponomics,” which argues – totally unsurprisingly – for…yep, “tax cuts, deregulation…protectionism…keeping America first.” Gack.

So with that background in mind, this morning we’re starting to get some details on Youngkin’s economic policy plans (see the Washington Post story here and reporter Brandon Jarvis’ tweets, below). Not surprisingly, they’re basically all about…wait for it…yep, tax cuts and deregulation (aka, letting companies that pollute, abuse workers, etc. get away with it), because to supply-side/”trickle-down” Republicans, there is literally no problem – possibly including hangnails and gout – that can’t be cured by tax cuts and deregulation, preferably for the wealthy and powerful. In short, Youngkin would focus on taking Virginia’s enviable, AAA-bond-rating fiscal position and doing to it what George W. Bush did to America’s budget deficit/debt.

Remember, Youngkin’s top economic advisor Stephen Moore tried this agenda in Kansas, and the result was disastrous“Instead, the tax cuts failed and revenue collapsed to the point of creating a fiscal crisis so deep even the state’s Republican legislature voted to cancel out the tax cuts.” Now, why on earth would anyone in their right mind want to do to Virginia what Youngkin’s top economic advisor did to Kansas? Exactly – they wouldn’t. So this fall, make sure you vote Democratic up and down the ballot, so that in 2022, people won’t be asking (to paraphrase the title “What’s the Matter with Kansas?“), “What’s the Matter with Virginia?”

P.S. Also note what is NOT in this policy rollout? A bunch of REALLY important things, including the climate crisis, energy policy, voting rights, LGBTQ equality, racial justice, criminal justice, women’s reproductive health and freedom, gun violence prevention, etc, etc, etc.


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