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Video: Hala Ayala Out with TV Ad, “Gas Station” – “My Story Is a Virginia Story”

"I built a career and a middle-class life...As lieutenant governor, I'll build on that record to attract more good-paying jobs so every family thrives."


See below for a new TV ad by Del. Hala Ayala, the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor:

“I’m Hala Ayala. My story is a Virginia story. Night shifts, minimum wage, pregnant with no health care. But with a little help and a lot of hard work, I built a career and a middle-class life. So when I got to Richmond, I made it my mission to ensure hardworking Virginians have that same opportunity. As lieutenant governor, I’ll build on that record to attract more good-paying jobs so every family thrives.”

As for Ayala’s opponent, see After Major Blowback Over Her TX Abortion Bill Comments, VA GOP Lt. Gov. Candidate Falsely Claims It Could NEVER Happen Here Because “Virginia is very different from Texas”, Video: “The @GlennYoungkin ticket is now on record that they would bring a Texas-style abortion ban to our Commonwealth. It’s getting real folks.”, Hala Ayala For LG on Winsome Sears “doubl[ing] down on her extreme views and join[ing] ‘Audit the Vote’ protesters outside of the State Capitol today”, EMILY’s List: GOP Candidate For VA LG Spews Misinformation About Reproductive Rights, Compares “clinics that provide health care services to the Ku Klux Klan”, Video: VA GOP Lt. Gov. Nominee Gives Shoutout to Conspiracy Theorist/Extremist Lyndon LaRouche; Says Marijuana Legalization “is gonna destroy us” and “I’m tired of people being offended”, The VA GOP’s 2021 LG Nominee Headed Up “Black Americans to Re-Elect [President Trump]”; Here’s What That Group Stands For, etc.


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