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Former Del. Jay Jones Says Youngkin “continues his open embrace of white supremacy” with Pick of Confederate Monuments Defender to Board of Historic Resources

The appointee also cites "Christian nationalist"'s debunked book; argues that criticism of Thomas Jefferson "is going back to Marx" and that Jefferson "really loved many of the people that he cared for and his laborers"


Despite some “journalists” trying to argue, laughably, that Glenn Youngkin is some sort of “sane” “moderate” Republican, not Trumpist at all, blah blah blah, Youngkin’s actions keep telling us that in fact he’s a right winger through and through. Just look at the appointments he’s made to his administrationElizabeth SchultzAndrew Wheeler,  Dr. Marty MakaryColin GreeneCasey Flores, etc.

The latest, as the WaPo reports:

Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) has appointed a historian to the state Board of Historic Resources who has defended the state’s Confederate monuments and condemned their destruction as a “dangerous” rewriting of history.

Ann Hunter McLean of Richmond, the former head of a Christian school, told an online publication that she believes Virginia’s heritage is “under attack” as she begins serving on the board, which oversees state historic-site designations.

… “People want to destroy the evidence of that story,” she continued, saying the Civil War was fought for the “sovereignty of each state and constitutional law.”

So first of all, that’s all completely nuts, particularly her bizarre argument that the Confederacy fought FOR “constitutional law,” when in fact they fighting to destroy the nation so that they could maintain their system of slavery indefinitely. So that’s bad enough, and should have been disqualifying for an administration appointment, let alone to the Board of Historic Resources!  But nope, that’s just what Youngkin wants. As former Del. Jay Jones tweeted yesterday:

@GlennYoungkin continues his open embrace of white supremacy and I hope no one is surprised. He tells on himself daily.

@delegatebagby is spot on: “He must believe that no one is paying attention to his appointments or he’s just that brazen to repeatedly thumb his nose at us.”

Also, see below for some audio of Youngkin’s appointment, Anna Mclean, on far-right radio a few weeks ago, at which time she had the following to say:

  • Critics are “making an emotional case” against Jefferson, but “his whole world…he was really a very understanding, a man caught in a time where he really loved many of the people that he cared for and his laborers, and there were lots of laws on the books that prohibited him from releasing slaves at the time and he was in debt.”
  • Criticism of Jefferson “just makes you shake your head.”
  • According to McLean, everyone should check out “The Jefferson Lies” by David Barton. For more on the controversy around that book, see Publisher Pulls Controversial Thomas Jefferson Book, Citing Loss Of Confidence, which notes that the “controversial book was written by Texas evangelical David Barton,” and that the publisher was “ceasing publication because it found that ‘basic truths just were not there.'” Also note that Barton is a “Christian nationalist” who has pushed the “pseudohistory” that America “was founded as an explicitly Christian nation.”
  • “Jefferson was Christian, he loved his god…he really was an amazing person, and of all people, to have his name come under attack, you just have to say, it’s going back to Karl Marx, ruthlessly criticize everything was what Marx said, and they’re using this to bludgeon our republic…This is a concerted effort…”

Uhhhh…alrighty? LOL


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