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Audio: In Nearly 6-Minute Rant, Right-Wing Virginia Radio Host Rips Glenn Youngkin, Says There’s a “pattern…developing with Gov. Youngkin that he doesn’t back up his own people”

Criticism comes after resignation of Youngkin appointees Ann McLean, Casey Flores; (mild) rebuke of public health director who said ”If you say racism, you’re blaming White people”


Despite some really gullible, credulous, lazy “journalists” pushing the false narrative that Glenn Youngkin is some sort of “moderate” Republican, those of us who actually follow him day-in/day-out know that he’s actually a VERY conservative Republican, on almost every issue. Having said that, of course, in today’s Trumpist, QAnon, Proud Boys, off-the-far-right-deep-end Republican Party, it’s not surprising that even as conservative as Glenn Youngkin is, he’s not going to be far right ENOUGH for some people. For instance, check out the following audio from this morning’s John Reid show on WRVA, in which this *verrrrry* right wing (think Amanda Chase, Jason Miyares, Winsome Sears, etc.) radio host totally went OFF on Glenn Youngkin for not standing by the extremist nutjobs in his administration. Specifically, Reid brought up the following individuals who have either been mildly rebuked or (presumably) pressed to resign by Youngkin:

With that background, here’s John Reid’s tirade against Youngkin:

“My question for Gov. Youngkin and his team, with all due respect…There’s a pattern here that’s developing with Gov. Youngkin that he doesn’t back up his own people. This isn’t a popularity contest, ok? I don’t know if he’s running for president or not…whether you’re running for president or whether you’re just going to be the governor for the next 3 1/2 years, there are going to be moments where you and the people around you are going to have to get into fights that are going to anger your political enemies. And you’ve got to be able to handle that. You can’t run this like you’re trying to be homecoming king. And you can’t respond to the predictable criticism from left-wing wackos who HATE you by cowering to them.

So you know, his public health director made I think correct comments where he said that you know African Americans in Virginia are NOT victims of structural racism in health care. Now that’s a narrative the left wants to promote, and this man said no, that’s not true, I reject that…and Glenn Youngkin didn’t fire him, but he kind of slapped him down. And I thought, oh, I don’t think that’s very smart. But you know what, I’m not governor, so…but I don’t think that’s smart, you just undercut the guy on a very important issue, on a very important issue. You just gave a win to the race mongerers on the left. Don’t do that, this is your guy – and he’s right, for god’s sake, it’s not like he’s wrong!

And then, you know, it’s kind of weird that I know all these people, but you know Casey Flores, the gay guy, who was the head of the Log Cabin Republicans. Now Casey’s kind of a wild guy…Casey was using foul language on Twitter, and I can understand how the governor would say hey man, you represent me now too, not just yourself, don’t use that language. And you can’t be as toxic and acerbic as you might have been when you weren’t representing the governor. But in the end, I get the impression that they kind of told Casey, hey this isn’t going to work out, you gotta go…That was another case where it’s like, c’mon! You’ve got BLM activists who were burning buildings, and what we’re worried about is one gay guy actually standing up for himself and for his party using foul language. Hm! I think that’s debatable whether we should hammer him over that…that bothered me.

Now the Ann McLean thing, where they pulled the rug out from under her. I just think that’s wrong. One of the lessons I learned early in politics. And I will tell you think I’ve been in politics longer than Glenn Youngkin has. I’ll shut up and take lessons from him on Wall Street and business, absolutely – he kicks my tail on that. But I’ve been around politics longer than Glenn Youngkin has. And one of things he needs to understand, with all due respect is that a leader has to back up their people, and he can’t act like he’s kowtowing to the people who are avowed enemies. You can’t do that. Or, governor, you’re going to look behind you one day and all the people who voted for you and who were supportive of you are not going to be there anymore, and that’s going to be a really lonely situation for you…and for the things we all say we want to achieve.

So I’m disappointed. I’m sorry that he made the decision that he did, I’m sorry it’s come to this. And I debated whether I should say this on the radio, it’s kind of dangerous for me to speak this way on the radio. But you know what, to hell with it, I’m going to do it anyway. I’m just not going to keep my mouth shut about things like this. I hope I’ve been evenhanded in my presentation here, I’m not trying to attack Glenn Youngkin, I still support him. But mm, this is concerning. Don’t give in to these leftists, because you’re never going to make them happy,  they will always attack you, they will always stab you in the back. And these days they’re stabbing him right in the chest.  And at least he sent Sen. Lucas a free fleeced Glenn Youngkin vest, he didn’t even do that for Ann McLean, for god’s sake. Alright, I guess that’s enough on that.”


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