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Glenn Youngkin Campaigned Earlier This Week for CT Gov Candidate Who’s Got an Extremist Tax Plan, “Has No Clue About Climate Change,” Is a Big Fan of “School Choice,” Got an “A” Rating from the NRA, etc.

Also, the president of the anti-abortion "Family Institute of Connecticut" said Stefanowski has "common ground with us"


So far this election cycle, Glenn Youngkin has campaigned, or is planning to campaign for, a slew of far-right extremists like Tudor Dixon in Michigan, Paul LePage in MaineHeidi Ganahl in ColoradoJoe Lombardo in Nevada, Kari Lake, etc, etc. The latest was in Connecticut Wednesday night, as Youngkin campaigned for Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob Stefanowski (see video, below).

So who is Bob Stefanwoski, you ask? First off, he’s going to get his butt kicked on November 8, with the latest poll showing him 15 points down to Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D). And no, having Youngkin campaign for him isn’t going to magically turn that around, lol.

Second, when Stefanowski last ran in 2018, he campaigned on a platform of ” phasing out the state income tax, corporate income tax, reducing business entity taxes, and eliminating the gift tax and the estate tax, in addition to using zero-based budgeting and creating a Taxpayer Bill of Rights.” Those extremely regressive, “trickle down”/”voodoo economics” tax policies were, not surprisingly, endorsed by the likes of “Republican economic commentators Arthur Laffer and Larry Kudlow,” which really says it all right there about Stefanowski.

Third, according to the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, “Stefanowski has no clue about climate change,” having actually said, “I don’t understand the science of it” (note to Stefanowski: it’s very simple; humans burn fossil fuels, emit greenhouse gases, dangerously heat up the planet).

Fourth, according to Stefanowski’s website, he’s a big fan of “school choice,” which is code language by right wingers for defunding/attacking/privatizing public education.

Fifth, when it comes to guns, Stefanowski received an “A” rating from the NRA, which pretty much says it all.

Sixth, according to news reports, Stefanowski somehow “doubled income in one year – earning millions for campaign” and “appears to have a one-person company registered to operate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Finally, when it comes to a woman’s right to reproductive freedom, Stefanowski “STILL won’t say he’d make sure Connecticut remains a safe place for abortion seekers and abortion providers.” Also, the president of the anti-abortion “Family Institute of Connecticut” said Stefanowski “does have common ground with us” and “heartened pro-life voters” by expressing support for “a parental notification provision to a Connecticut abortion rights law.”

Anyway, that’s who Glenn Youngkin was campaign for this past Wednesday night.

I’m ready to fight for our parents. For our teachers. For our children. For our law enforcement.


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