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Youngkin to Campaign for Hard-Right, Anti-Environment, Anti-Abortion, NRA “A”-Rated Oregon Republican Who “”wished ‘the best’ to right-wing extremist and Q-Anon conspiracist”


So far this year, supposed “moderate” (lol) Glenn Youngkin has campaign for far-right extremists like Tudor Dixon in Michigan, Paul LePage in MaineHeidi Ganahl in ColoradoJoe Lombardo in Nevada, etc, etc.  He also plans to campaign for one of the most extreme, bats*** candidates in America, Kari Lake in Arizona. And now, we learn that Youngkin is planning to campaign for yet another hard-right Republican candidate – next Tuesday for Oregon Republican gubernatorial candidates Christine Drazan. Here are a few things to know about Drazan:

  • “During her tenure as minority leader, she engaged in dilatory and quorum denial tactics in an attempt to thwart legislation sponsored by Democrats,” including  “Republicans refus[ing] to attend legislative meetings in order to deny a quorum so that legislation could not be passed.
  • “Drazan opposed emissions trading legislation in 2020, and demanded a referendum on the legislation.[30][31] She supports the usage of an independent redistricting commission for redrawing districts.[32] She opposed a COVID-19 vaccination mandate.[33] Drazan opposes allowing transgender athletes to participate in gender-specific sporting events.[34] She received a lifetime score of 20% from the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.[35] She was endorsed by Oregon Right to Life during the 2022 election.[36]
  • Drazan campaigned “with former MAGA Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, an anti-choice extremist and devoted Trump loyalist who refused to acknowledge the results of the 2020 election, saying, ‘There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration, all right. We’re ready.'” She also “wished ‘the best’ to right-wing extremist and Q-Anon conspiracist Jo Rae Perkins and even questioned why she would be asked about it.” And she “also made waves recently by earning the endorsement of Timber Unity over long-time Timber Unity ally Betsy Johnson. Timber Unity has well-documented ties to insurrectionists and far-right extremists.”
  • Drazanscrubbed her website’s issues page, which had previously touted pro-life bonafides. But her campaign says she’s not ‘shied away from her views.'” Previously, her website: bragged that she “earned an A rating from the NRA for my record of voting to uphold the Second Amendment”; said she was ” endorsed by Oregon to Life and am proud of my record of standing up for life during my time in the legislature”; leaned heavily into “voter fraud”  and “audits of our elections”; etc.

So yeah, that’s who Youngkin’s going to be campaigning with next week. Very “moderate,” right journalists?


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