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Mark Levine Applauds EPA’s Proposed Rule Limiting Coal Power Plant Emissions

ALEXANDRIA- Mark Levine, Democratic candidate for Virginia's 8th Congressional district seat, made the following statement applauding the efforts of the EPA to reduce carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.

I applaud President Obama and the EPA's efforts to regulate the carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants to reduce emissions to 30% of 2005 levels by the year 2030. This is a strong first step in the right direction in the battle to combat global climate change. We need to go even further to move away from our nation's dependence on fossil fuels and move toward renewable energy like wind, solar, and geothermal. I also encourage divestment from fossil fuel companies.

Levine Campaign Releases Second TV Ad

ALEXANDRIA - The Mark Levine for Congress campaign announced today that it will begin airing a second television advertisement starting Thursday. The ad "Constitution" will be airing in rotation with the campaign's first ad "Sea of Politicians" The new ad, which can be seen here, features Levine talking directly to the viewer about using the Constitution to fight against Tea Party extremists.

The Levine for Congress campaign decided to expand their television ad campaign in response to growing momentum.  

Internal Polling shows other campaigns stagnant as undecided voters continue to move towards Levine:

-Beyer's numbers have stagnated since he joined the race in spite of spending over half a million dollars.  More than twice as many voters prefer an alternative candidate or are undecided.

-Levine's initial TV buy has seen his numbers vault him to second place as Ebbin, Hope, and Euille remain deadlocked in the high single digits.

-With more than 30% of likely voters still undecided, the race for Virginia's 8th Congressional District remains wide open.  

Mark Levine Statement on Honoring Our Veterans

ALEXANDRIA- Mark Levine, Democratic candidate for the 8th Congressional District in Virginia, made the following statement regarding the Memorial Day holiday:

US Senator Chris Coons Supports Mark Levine for Congress

Only US Senator to Announce Support in Race

ALEXANDRIA- United States Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) announced his support today for Mark Levine to serve Virginia's 8th District as its next Member of Congress. Senator Coons is the only United States Senator to stand by any candidate in the heavily contested Northern Virginia Democratic primary. Senator Coons issued the following statement championing Mark Levine and his campaign:

I have known Mark Levine more than 20 years. Mark has always been passionate about helping those most in need in our communities. Mark's a smart, strong progressive leader who will fight hard for Virginia's working families.

Mark Levine made the following remarks regarding Senator Coons:

I am proud to have Senator Coons' support for my campaign.  Chris has a proven record of being able to get things done, and I look forward to working with him in Congress.  With him in the Senate and me in the House, we can jointly pass legislation that will help working families in Virginia, Delaware, and the rest of the country achieve the American Dream.

World Renowned Climate Scientist Michael Mann Endorses Mark Levine for Congress

World renowned physicist and climatologist Dr. Michael Mann has endorsed Mark Levine's candidacy for Congress in Virginia's 8th District. Dr. Mann issued the following endorsement statement supporting Levine's campaign:

"I am proud to endorse Mark Levine for Congress in Virginia's 8th District. Mark has proven himself an able environmental champion, unafraid to challenge those who continue to deny the overwhelming evidence for human-caused climate change, whether they are on FOX News or in Congress.

Mark Levine not only supports putting a price on carbon emissions to reduce the threat of global warming; he has also spoken out on the dangers of mountaintop removal in West Virginia and the damage coal companies do to the water supply downstream. Mark opposes projects that will make climate change worse such as the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, and he supports incentivizing renewable energy resources like wind, geothermal, and solar energy technology.

I know from my personal experience how relentless industry front groups and those who do their bidding can be in their pursuit to suppress scientific evidence on climate change. Mark will be the strong voice we need to lead the charge in Congress to combat global climate change, and his continuing experience on national television and radio confronting climate science deniers will be a welcomed addition to the House of Representatives."

Mark Levine statement on McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission ruling

Mark Levine, Democratic candidate for the 8th Congressional District, made the following statement in response to today's Supreme Court ruling on McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission:

In its decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, five members of the Supreme Court have taken pity on Shaun McCutcheon and the 650 other Americans who can only buy up to $123,200 in politicians. When you truly believe in the principle of "one dollar, one vote," as these five guys in black robes do, you want to make sure to overrule any restrictions made by the Representatives of the People in Congress chosen by that old quaint notion of "one person, one vote." This way the Five can insure that the Koch Brothers are literally millions of times more important than ordinary Americans.

There was a time when Americans revolted against the idea of kings, dukes, and earls using their vast inherited wealth to control our destiny. We actually fought a revolution in the name of all men being created equal. And, in time, that notion came to include all men and women, even descendants of former slaves.

Five men in robes have now, in the biting dissent of Justice Breyer, made up their own facts, misconstrued the law, undermined "the political integrity of our government institutions" and "create[d] a loophole that will allow a single individual to contribute millions of dollars." This not only "eviscerates our Nation's campaign finance laws"; it leaves us "incapable of dealing with grave problems of democratic legitimacy that those laws were intended to resolve."

Once five people in black robes overruled We the People in 2000, throwing away our votes to install their President in place of the one we (and most Floridians) wanted, I suppose it is no great further step to simply end "democratic legitimacy" altogether and allow billionaires to buy the politicians they want. But the Supreme Court should revise the Preamble of the Constitution to reflect the reality they have declared today. "We the People" should be replaced by "We, Sheldon Adelson, Charles Koch and David Koch, the Billionaire Kings of America."

Sadly while I support a constitutional amendment to overturn both McCutcheon and Citizens' United, I'm under no delusion that we will get 2/3 of both Houses of Congress, including a fair number of Republicans, to prefer "one person, one vote" over "one dollar, one vote." The only possible solution to preserve our Republic is to keep electing Democratic Presidents - and to elect them beyond the margin of the Supreme Court's plausible ability to steal an election - until one day the Tyranny of the Five ends. And on that day, when a Democratic President nominates and the Senate confirms a Justice on the Supreme Court who actually respects the Constitution she or he is sworn to uphold, we can once again have Government of the People, by the People, and for the People. Until then, let us hope the Adelson/Koch/ALEC Regime is not too cruel to those of who still believe that ordinary people should have a voice in who represents us.

Mark Levine statement on Paul Ryan’s GOP budget plan

Mark Levine, Democratic candidate for Virginia's 8th Congressional District, made the following statement in response to Paul Ryan's GOP budget plan:

"Paul Ryan's April Fools' budget shows exactly what is wrong with Washington right now: it is both cruel and stupid. Cruel, because it would devastate millions of seniors, students, workers, and middle class families. Stupid because the economic harm it would cause would cost our economy 3 million jobs in 2016 (according to the Economic Policy Institute) and dramatically increase the deficit.

Mark Levine is a pioneer in the Marriage Equality movement

Mark Levine was one of the pioneers of the Marriage Equality Movement.  In the late 1990's when Mark and three others founded Marriage Equality California, Mark went up against the entire LGBT establishment.  Even elected gay and lesbian officials opposed marriage equality when Mark's rag-tag band began the first Valentine's Day Protests in 2000 that would later sweep the country. He barnstormed across Southern California to oppose Proposition 22. In February 2001, Mark wrote the first bill in the entire nation to give full equality to gay and lesbian couples at both the state and federal levels. This was considered so "aggressively progressive" at the time that the Lambda Legal Defense Fund opposed it because at the time gay and lesbian couples could not get married anywhere in the world.  
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