Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Need another reason to vote for Alicia Plerhoples for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chair? How about this? Very cool!

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Per the Washington Post story, "Facebook post claiming guns could have prevented the Holocaust met with backlash," other than reiterating the fact that this...

Video: Emotional Speech by Va. Del. Debra Rodman About Holocaust, Intolerance...

Excellent speech by Del. Debra Rodman (D-Henrico), with the obvious subtext that racism and anti-Semitism have been on the rise here, in America, during...

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"Today, on the Floor of the House of Delegates, I expressed my horror at the President's new Executive Order, which closes the door to...

Cuccinelli compared slavery to abortion in 2008

Ken CuccinelliThe Washington Examiner is a conservative DC area paper, owned by right-wing billionaire Philip Anschutz, which this coming June will stop its daily print run and be replaced by a weekly magazine. That makes this story all the more delicious. The context of the story is that Democrats in Virginia have been pushing out a video taken by a tracker at a small small gathering of religious conservatives in Williamsburg, VA, in which the Virginia Attorney General and putative Republican nominee for Governor of Virginia equated abortion and slavery, as you can read in this AP story at Salon

The Examiner story's 2nd paragraph reads

The outspoken conservative and candidate for governor made an almost identical statement in a 2008 "Cuccinelli Compass," a regular letter he writes to supports to supporters, The Washington Examiner has learned. In it, Cuccinelli reviews a biography on British abolitionist William Wilberforce and draws a connection between Wilberforce's fight against slavery to his own efforts in the Virginia Senate to curb abortions in the state.

The story also offers Cuccinelli's defense of those remarks:  

“Evil does not need your help, just your indifference”


"What We Carry," a Holocaust Commission of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater inspired documentary, premiered in Norfolk today. It is the recounting of the travails of four holocaust survivors; real Virginians, Felix. Since the making, two have passed...the other two were present to give faces to courage.

One Sunday evening, when I was 12 or 13, my father took me to see two World War II documentaries. They were shown at the local theater where B movies regularly played; there, I had witnessed mutants and/or aliens destroy Tokyo and/or the world dozens of times. His interest was in the Pacific, where he had fought in two great amphibious assaults. Even that night, I didn't remember much of the Pacific campaign at all. What I did and do remember to this day was the startling record of cruelty that, in the arrogance of evil incarnate, had been recorded on film for posterity. I wondered, when I read of this project, how those involved had put human faces on that barbarity.

It helped that the raw footage of my first introduction had been edited (not to say totally) for the intended audience of this project, which, by coincidence is 12 to 13 year olds. It was heartening that the Roper Theater, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, was filled beyond capacity. There was a wave of warm patriotic pride as the national anthems of the United States and Israel were sung in chorus by the audience as part of the introduction; then we settled in for the journey.