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New GPS ad leaves out crucial fact: U.S. debt largely a...


As a new political ad entitled "Basketball" begins airing today in Virginia by conservative "issue-advocacy" group Crossroads GPS, the outside group began spinning its negative web of misinformation throughout Virginia about President Obama and his record.  

Never one to shy away from fiction in order to achieve his political goals, Karl Rove's new Crossroads GPS television ad shows a mother who noticeably ages stating that she voted for Obama in 2008 but "Now Obama wants more spending and taxes. That won't fix things."

The ad goes on to urge viewers to "tell President Obama to cut the job-killing debt," a debt which is largely the legacy of the last Bush administration under which Rove served. In fact, during Bush II's tenure as president, the debt was increased by $6.4 trillion, an increase in the debt that President Obama has not come close to.

But to Karl Rove and his Crossroads GPS, facts are mere play things that can be molded to turn public opinion this way or that, not concrete figures that dig deeper towards the truth.  

For the Karl Rove's of the world, their primary motivation is leaving a trail, a legacy, of "genius" behind for the world to remember hundreds of years into the future. Rove wants immediate political victories now because he wants to further his own image as the genius that the Republican Party cannot live without and the individual who changed the course of American politics. The consequences and collateral damage be damned.  

The Bookers, Morans, and Leones of the Democratic Party Are NOT...


Not too long ago, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker was a supernova in the Democratic Party, but following his defense of Mitt Romney's tenure at the chop-shop Bain Capital, Booker appears to be more of a red dwarf. In the days after Booker's comments it was discovered that Bain Capital and the Financial Industry as a whole gave a whopping $565,000 for his 2002 campaign alone.  Congratulations Mr. Booker, you're the latest contestant to enter the Democratic Party's doghouse alongside Brian Moran, Frank Leone, and some other notables.

I hope Mr. Booker's stupidity will stand as an example to other "stars" of the Democratic Party: don't take campaign contributions from anyone willing to throw money in your war chest and don't make it easier for President Obama's opponents to crucify him for calling a spade a spade. No, Bain Capital is not the kind of company that America should stand on. Bain Capital is a symbol of America's economic underside:a company that directly produces nothing, a company whose primary and sole concern is profit above all else.

The Democratic Party base expects that political representatives of the Democratic Party will represent their values and their beliefs. This means not taking campaign contributions from chop-shop financial companies, not taking a day job that ploys Americans into spending thousands on an education that will bear few if any fruits, or representing companies who transgress the law and harm Americans and our environment in the process. The list could on. Bottom line, we do not want you representing us now or ever.

Excuses such as "this is how the game is played," or "if I didn't take these contributions my opponents would have beaten me," will no longer suffice (and they never did). It's time that Democratic Party officials and politicians stand on their principles instead of sinking into the mud with their Republican Party counterparts. It may not be the easier path, but social gains are not made without hardships attached.  


Our country was founded on religious freedom giving each of us the basic right to choose to be a Roman Catholic, an Orthodox Jew, a Muslim, a Presbyterian, an Episcopalian, a Southern Baptist, a Methodist, and equally protected-the right to choose to not believe at all.  With that right comes the requirement of separation of church and state.  Without that separation between religious beliefs and our government, Jews can't be allowed to worship freely, nor Catholics, nor Southern Baptists, nor agnostics and atheists to not attend church at all.  

It is not the right of believers to force their personal religious views on the masses in this country, but we see it time and time again in our society.  Through our country's history, we have had to fight for the civil rights of segments of our society...women, immigrants, African Americans.  Now we find ourselves embroiled in whether we should allow another group of our citizens to hold full citizenship in our communities and nation.  Those who would deny the civil rights of the LGBT community do so based on their religious beliefs.  

Ben Tribbett on Obama’s Majority and the Senate Race

The numbers reported for President Obama in Virginia earlier today are not a harbinger for a Kaine victory. That is obvious from the poll. Last month, Ben Tribbett examined some of the changes in the electorate and how those will affect the down ticket races in 2012.

Earlier today, I commented that the electorate's memory fades dramatically over the span of six months. Lowell pointed out that if the public is reminded about it constantly, with a barrage of advertising, it is like it happened yesterday. However, I recalled Ben's comments (toward the end of this video) about bringing up the macaca incident recently at a college Democrats chapter. Over half the audience, he said, had no idea what it was.

"People who don't know all that information, don't have all that history, are very vulnerable to cross-over." - Ben Tribbett

After looking at the numbers and considering Ben's analysis, Lowell's observation that the Republicans are doing Kaine a favor with their attempts to hang Obama around his neck is insightful. The President is far from an albatross.

Hidden Truths About Modern “Capitalism”

One would think a supposedly rational species, such as human beings pretend to be, would by now have admitted that their dominant current method of economic organization, called Free Market Capitalism, is not working as promised, since it neither describes what truly happens in real life, even after allowing for a clever intellectual band aid excusing its ever more frequent collapses (called, with mendacious creativity, creative destruction); nor permits any serious probing, much less the slightest divergence from its creed. It is, after all, a secular religion, and heresy is simply not allowed, especially among the elite political class.

Nevertheless, a brilliant economist on the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge, Ha-Joon Chang, has written for us ordinary folks a highly readable, light-hearted handbook that tells us what is really going on, called 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism. Mr. Chang has the chops for this exercise, since he is "one of the world's most iconoclastic economists, in the tradition of John Kenneth Galbraith and Joseph Stiglitz," and is the 2003 winner of the Myrdal Prize and the 2005 Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought.  

Chang says up front that 23 Things is not an anti-capitalist manifesto, so relax, what you are reading is not seditious. Mr. Chang points out that "being critical of free market ideology is not the same as being against capitalism," and that the free market creed is not the only way to organize capitalism---- if our leaders had made different decisions based on better understanding of economics, things would have turned out differently in 2008.  

The Search for Truth Under the Cloak of Journalistic Objectivity


Failure to point out clear partisan political maneuvers can no longer be hidden behind the idea of "journalistic objectivity" while democratic processes are undermined by a political party that prays to the altar of Machiavelli in his darkest hour. Reuter's ran a story on April 21st which commented that the new state voter registration laws "could" harm President Obama's chances for re-election. While no "smoking gun" evidence can be found to prove the true intentions of these voter registration laws, few political commentators, writers, or enthusiasts are under any illusion as to their purpose. The Republican Party wants to disenfranchise many potential voters for Democratic candidates and President Obama in particular.

Indeed, it's no coincidence that these laws are being discussed and created during an election year that will witness a weak Republican nominee for president and the unfortunate possibility of a Republican controlled Congress. Such a political maneuver would also be in line with the unscrupulous and undemocratic tactics of a Republican Party that has been hijacked by far-right groups like ALEC and publicly promoted by the likes of Crossroads GPS.  

AP Poll Spells Great News for White House

The latest AP-GfK 2012 election poll has very good news for President Obama and bad, bad news for Willard the "Mitt" and the other remaining clowns in the GOP primary field. The national poll of 1,000 adults conducted over the past week shows President Obama decisively leading Romney 51% to 43%. Against Santorum, the latest in the GOP desperate search for the "other-than-Mitt" candidate, the president is leading 52% to 43%.

Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich aren't doing any better. Paul, the darling of the Ayn Rand brainwashed set, is losing in the poll 53% to 44%, while Gingrich trails the president by 10 points. Gingrich has huge unfavorable numbers, 58%. Romney's unfavorable rating is 43%, Santorum 42%. Ron Paul is the least unlikeable of the four, but even he draws a 40% unfavorable rating, and a majority of those polled said they didn't like the entire field of candidates.

As the economy continues to improve and the Republicans dig themselves ever deeper into a right-wing hole, the re-election of President Obama looks brighter and brighter, as does the prospect that Virginia will have a new Democratic senator, not a GOP retread we happily said goodbye to six years ago..

It's going to be very difficult to any of the four left in the GOP field to move to the center after their primary blood bath, trying to prove who is most extreme. They are hemorrhaging support from independents and will continue to do so the longer they have to throw red meat to their far-right base. That's what happens when you succumb to "Tea Party poisoning."

President Obama’s Leadership on the Housing Crisis in VA


In an effort to shed some light on how helpful some of President Obama's "socialist" policies have been for thousands of homeowners in Virginia, let me point to some quick data under the Making Home Affordable (MHA) Program for a deeper insight. Under President Obama, the MHA Program offers a number of programs that helps Virginia's homeowners pay their monthly mortgage payments in these tough economic times. The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), the Principle Reduction Alternative (PRA), and the Second Lien Modification Program (2MP) are just three examples in the arsenal of programs available to help Virginia's economically struggling homeowners meet their monthly mortgage payments.

Since its creation in 2009 up till November 2011, HAMP has assisted a total of 19,584 homeowners in Virginia. In effect, then, without the big bad federal government stepping in under President Obama's leadership, close to 20,000 Virginians may have been forced to sell their homes or go into considerably higher debt. That's kind of a big deal.

Some folks will see these numbers and shrug them off as a fluke or somehow untied to the direct policy leadership of President Obama. For those folks, they are probably already lost. But for the "independents" of Virginia, it should be clear that if Willard Romney had his way, these nearly 20,000 homeowners would have been "fired, my friend" (are homes people too, Mitt? People occupy them and they are a source of material gain...) In the world of Willard, economic failure is also a seemingly moral failure, a failure that the government should not attempt to alleviate with social programs.   If only everyone were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, oh what a wonderful Bain Capitalistic world it would be, right Mitt?

A Return to a Clean Energy Policy Agenda


Even though President Obama has made some courageous moves on the environmental front (most notably, his decision to delay the decision regarding the Keystone XL pipeline), clean energy has seemingly taken a back seat on the president's agenda as election time moves closer to the present. With 80% of the U.S.'s energy consumption coming from fossil fuels, the U.S. stands poised to help reduce the international community's carbon footprint with more aggressive moves towards clean energy. With an increasing worldwide energy demand, it has become more important than ever to move away from fossil fuel sources of energy towards cleaner forms.

Unfortunately, clean energy is not an issue that gets many politicians cookie points. President Obama will continue to hammer away at themes of economic growth, job creation, and the like, giving little attention to clean energy until the next presidential election has passed. If this moves President Obama back into the White House for another four year term, one could argue that ignoring clean energy for the moment is an appropriate political route to take. What's the alternative, Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich in the White House?  

Video: President Obama Says “We Can’t Wait!”


"President Obama is not letting congressional gridlock slow economic growth. Here are the actions he has taken to support the middle class."

I'd also remind everyone that, in spite of utter obstructionism by Congressional Teapublican'ts, we're actually better off by almost any metric than we were three years ago. Thank you Democrats, thank you President Obama, and NO thank you Eric Can'tor et al!